Metacore secures $179.9M in credit from Supercell

Metacore secures $179.9M in credit

Metacore is a wearable games company

Metacore is a wearable game studio. The company was founded in 2014 by industry veterans from Remedy, Digital Chocolate, and Rovio. It is also the pioneer of smartwatch gaming. Its award-winning Apple Watch launch title, Runeblade, has received worldwide recognition. The press, fans, and industry heavyweights appreciated it and its games are consistently on top of global charts.

Metacore secures $179.9M 

Mobile sport studio Metacore has raised $179.9 million in credit from Supercell to proceed to create its casual cellular sport Merge Mansion. It’s an enormous sum of money to pour right into a sports studio with one sport, nevertheless, it exhibits what Helsinki-based Supercell is prepared to do with the money it generates from cellular gaming hits like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hay Day, and Brawl Stars.

Since releasing its first sport (Merge Mansion) in late 2020, Metacore’s annual income run charge has reached $54 million, placing the corporation on track to turn into one of the many fastest-growing sport studios in Europe. Merge Mansion is a puzzle sport with greater than 800,000 day-by-day gamers. The new funding will enhance Merge Mansion’s world operations and strengthen Metacore’s core staff.

Supercell has backed the game studio for years, with an initial investment of $5.9 million in 2018 followed by a $17.9 million investment and $11.9 million credit line in 2020. The new credit line financing strengthens Metacore’s capability to accelerate its growth while maintaining its current ownership structure and autonomy.

Metacore looks to fill key roles in game development 

Metacore has doubled its team size to close to 30 since last fall and is actively recruiting for key roles in game development, brand marketing, and other strategic business functions. Merge Mansion is a discovery puzzle that keeps surprising players merge after the merge, month after month. Started by Maddie and her grandma, the story engages players with wicked twists and gossipy turns.

Metacore has a distinctive approach to scaling its studio: It builds and tests games with small, two-to-three-person teams that have full autonomy over games they develop and only expand these teams once they’ve validated the concept on the market through player feedback. That’s pretty similar to the way that Supercell runs. Metacore looks to fill key roles in game development and brand marketing.

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