NASA’s Artemis Astronaut on Advanced Space Technology


NASA's Advanced Space Technology.

NASA has recently named the astronauts who will participate in the Artemis flights. They include Anne McClain, who spent 203 days in orbit and carried out two ISS spacewalks. 

About Anne McClaine’s Space Mission

McClain shares her thoughts on how she and other astronauts will accept the future with the space industry. She admits that the current tech looks nothing like it did 10 years ago. Also, the new spacecraft and innovations have developed a lot over the years.

Lt. Col. McClain was stationed at the ISS from December 2018 to June 2019. indicating that both her ascent and descent were aboard Russia’s Soyuz capsules. 

Since the Shuttle days, astronauts have come to and from space. A number of new launch vehicles and spacecraft will be used in the Artemis mission. While McClaine wasn’t able to fly a Dragon capsule, she was able to try one out while the station was docked.

Because it’s such a reliable, basic spacecraft, it’s almost like flying a piece of history knowing that She was going to be able to compare it to other vehicles in the future. She was so happy to have flown the Soyuz. When she was on the Space Station when DM-1 launched, she had the chance. 

McClaine unsure about the Advanced Technology

McClaine compared modern tech stating that you instantly find that the technology has progressed to where it looks like the inside of a commercial airliner, to be able to float into that and look at their screens, their displays.

The first to pilot a Dragon in space, astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken said afterward that it was obviously very different. For several spacecraft functions, partially due to the dependency on touchscreens as primary interfaces. 

McClain demonstrated the challenges of bringing software to the point where someone’s life can be trusted. Most of the models we’re now using are really high on software, plenty of touchscreens, not so many physically rotating valves, it’s more like a relay of software. 

She also added that the relay of software adds a lot of difficulties. This is because it is difficult to approve software and the reliability of software. 

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