Netflix Tests Programmed Channel For French Viewers

Netflix is testing its programmed linear content channel. The channel will be similar to what cable TV subscribers get. It will be streaming pre-programmed content like a standard broadcast on cable. The channel will be accessible via Netflix’s browser-based website. The company will stream the said channel initially in France. It has started rolling out the new feature to selected areas on November 5. 

The streaming channel is called Netflix Direct. It will be exclusively available for Netflix’s regular subscribers. The channel will also include TV shows and movies from France, the U.S., and other regions. The preferred content can be selected from Netflix’s existing content library. According to the streaming company, its move to initiate the service from France is due to its viewers. A lot of viewers tend to watch programming without specifically choosing their next show.

Some of the regional content shown will be made possible with distribution deals. Netflix currently has made deals with Orange, Canal Plus, and SFR telco groups. The new region-specific changes can be attributed to the tremendous growth of streaming services due to the lockdowns. The linear feature is expected to be available to various regions in France by early December.

Shuffle Play feature by Netflix

A few months back, Netflix experimented with a ‘shuffle’ feature. It was based on a similar fact that viewers were not sure what they’d watch next. While in testing phases, the company added a big button labeled ‘Shuffle Play.’ The button was available directly on the Netflix home screen beneath the user profile icons. When pressed, Netflix would randomly play contents based on your choices.

The random show could be a continuation of a show or movie they’re watching or something saved in their list. The button began appearing for many users. Some were pleased with the feature, while some were confused about its operation. According to Netflix, the idea backing feature was to ease its users to find content quickly. These shows and movies will be tailored specifically for the user.

The company is trying to mold its experience as more like watching a traditional TV. The ‘Shuffle Play’ button is another attempt to shuffle the content for viewers. It had tried another shuffle mode in the past. It played a random episode of a show. However, this idea was limited to the default pick of users. For example, ‘The Office’ or ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

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