OLA Connects platform opened by Indian cab aggregator OLA to fight Covid19

Ola Connects Platform

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OLA Connects platform is an initiative by the local cab aggregation giant OLA. OLA Connects (Comprehensive Navigation, Networking, Control and Tracking Solution) is a platform that can be used by the government to solve their logistics issues.

  • The platform can be use for navigation. tracking, vehicular movement, etc.
  • The solution is ready to be deployed platform but can be customized too.
  • Emergency, healthcare, food distribution, support services and any other services entailing transportation can use OLA Connect Platform.

OLA is the leading cab aggregator in the Indian market. In an effort towards fighting COVID19  it wants to help government use its expertise and technology to solve transportation and logistics issues that government is facing amidst its total lock-down.

OLA in its official statement have assured that there will be total privacy and security which will be extended to this platform. It will help government track vehicular movement and plan the routes as required for essential services.

Also, it is important to note that the Indian government has identified hot-spots within the cities to isolate cases. This obviously have created challenges for logistics and vehicular movement in general. Ola Connects Platform will be a very useful tool to help support/essential  services navigate through the city.

This solution can be factored to solve logistics problems in healthcare, supply chain, essential services, law and order among various other areas.

In a press statement Pranay Jivrajka, Co-Founder, OLA said

“By opening Ola Connects to various state governments and public service organisations across the country, we are able to offer a ready to deploy technology solution that addresses unique challenges in the various relief initiatives that are under way. All of Ola’s innovations across AI, tracking technologies, allocation and flow management are part of the Connects platform. We are committed to serving the nation in every way possible and are offering this platform free of cost, dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of doctors, healthcare professionals and frontline staff leading our fight against COVID-19.”

It is also important that OLA through its Ola Foundation have launched various initiatives to help their drivers support their families during this lock-down where there is almost zero vehicular movement.

Ola Connects platform Ola Foundation
Ola Connects platform Ola Foundation
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