Patents Show a MacBook Wirelessly Charging Apple Devices

MacBook Wireless Pattern

MacBook wireless charging patented by Apple

A pair of newly granted Apple patents show an iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch being wirelessly charged by a MacBook.

New Patents for New Device Features

Patents define two-way charging coils that allow the MacBook to charge other devices and itself. Also, a MagSafe battery case, which can charge both an iPhone and a set of AirPods. The patents also show an iPad charging an iPhone and Watch and follow a separate patent application. 

Apple starts by stating that it is working toward one-for-all cables. Each system may need its own power supply, which may be less than convenient, particularly while traveling. Now with only the iPhone left for the switch to USB-C, The decision makes sense.

One or more rechargeable batteries that may require additional power to recharge are included in some electronic devices. Often, using a traditional or standardized electrical connector or cable, these devices can be charged.

For example, a universal serial bus (“USB”) connector or cable can be used to charge certain devices. However, each system can require a separate or dedicated power supply to charge, despite having standardized connectors and cable. In certain situations, it may be difficult to use, store, and/or transport separate power supplies for each unit.

Official Apple Patent Literature in Simple Words

Apple’s official patent states about a portable electronic device consisting of an enclosure forming the back surface of a portable electronic device. An enclosure-attached monitor on the front surface of a portable electronic device opposite the back surface of a device.

Inductive coils will be in electrical contact with inductive coils of the external electronic devices. The electrically communicating inductive coils may serve as transmitting coils and/or receiving coils capable of transmitting power between electronic devices in some embodiments.

In Simpler words to charge the MacBook, you can either use a single power cord or a simple wireless adapter. And, by positioning them on either the front or rear of the MacBook, the MacBook wirelessly charges other Apple products.

MacBooks and iPads are made from aluminum right now, which is not wireless charging compliant. If Apple wants to use this reverse wireless charging technology in its products, the drawback will have to be planned around it. It remains to be seen if you would really be able to use your MacBook as a wireless charging pad for all of your devices. 

I would at least like to see this technology come to the iPhone. Many f its rivals already have some kind of wireless reverse charging technology. Although, it would be awesome to see it bumped up to 11 as in the patent drawing below.


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