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Providers app (formerly Fresh EBT) is a food stamp app that lets you check your balance and manage various perks and income.

What is Providers app?

Providers (formerly Fresh EBT) is a food stamp app that allows you to check your balance. Furthermore, you may also manage various perks and income using Providers Card, our new free debit account. Paychecks, food stamps, unemployment, and disability payments are all examples of government assistance. Providers enable you to make the most of whatever is available to get your family through the month.

You can check your EBT balance on your phone whether you’re in line at the store or shopping online. Keep an eye on your spending restrictions at all times. Providers provide a free debit account to assist you in managing more of your money in one convenient app. The Providers Card is suitable for everyday purchases. The provider’s main priority is to keep your money safe and your information private.

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Why choose Providers app?

Providers enable you to manage all of your income using one app: EBT, WIC, Child Tax Credit, Paychecks, Tax Refunds, Disability/SSI, Savings, and Unemployment are all examples of government assistance programs.

Your personal information is protected by cutting-edge encryption and security technology. Your Providers Card debit funds are FDIC-insured up to $250,000. With fast transaction notifications and one-tap card locking, you can keep track of your spending. The Providers Card is issued by Sutton Bank, an FDIC-insured bank, under license from Mastercard International.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Providers and GiveDirectly have joined together to deliver $1000 cash transfers to families in need to help them make ends meet during the coronavirus outbreak. If an enrollment form appears within Providers, the only way to register is to complete it. Because finances are limited, a transfer will not be available to everyone. There is no way to apply for this program outside of the app.

GiveDirectly is a non-profit organization with ten years of experience providing money to those in need worldwide. Providers worked with GiveDirectly to help families in need during this difficult time.

Providers are distributing money to as many people as possible, with only the number of donations received by Providers restricting us. Tens of thousands of people are expected to be compensated, according to providers. On the other hand, providers will be unable to reward everyone who uses Providers or receives food stamps.

GiveDirectly accepts various payment methods, including direct deposits into existing bank accounts, prepaid postal cards, MoneyGram, and PayPal. Individuals who receive compensation should transfer the funds as soon as possible.

Propel is a company that develops Providers. Propel generates technology to help consumers navigate safety net services such as food stamps. Propel gets money by clicking on partner content within the app, such as job adverts or supermarket bargains. Propel’s corporate offices are in Brooklyn, New York.

Providers are unable to assist you in applying through our app because it is not a government entity. Go to the menu above and pick “EBT in your state” to discover more about using it in your state.

Yes! Providers are available in each of the United States’ 50 states and territories.

You must seek assistance from your caseworker or local SNAP office because Providers is not a government entity. This could have happened if you didn’t renew your EBT card or a holiday or other special event that changed the EBT distribution schedule.

Data security and user privacy are important to providers. Providers never share their personal information with anyone (and they are not even aware of it). Data is securely sent between your phone and the state system using cutting-edge technology to ensure your security.

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