Salesforce Unveils New Hyperforce

salesforce hyperforce

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, today announced Salesforce Hyperforce. Hyperforce is a reimagination of the company’s platform architecture built to securely and reliably deliver the Salesforce Customer 360. These features are inclusive of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Industries, and more, on major public clouds.

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM, providing hundreds of thousands of global companies with a single source of truth that connects customer data across systems, apps, and devices to help them sell, service, market, and conduct commerce, from anywhere. 

On any given day, Salesforce customers deliver an average of 2.6 billion marketing messages, create 4 million leads and log 19.7 million customer service conversations, while Salesforce Einstein delivers more than 80 billion AI predictions. 

On Black Friday 2020 alone, Commerce Cloud powered more than 10 million orders.

What’s Better in Hyperforce?

Hyperforce is a complete re-architecture of Salesforce. This is in order to support the growth and success of Salesforce’s global customer base. 

Hyperforce will empower Salesforce customers to securely deploy Salesforce apps and services from anywhere. This can be done while using the scale and agility of the public cloud.

“Every company right now is facing an imperative — to go digital, fast,” said Bret Taylor, President and COO, Salesforce. “Salesforce Hyperforce is a quantum leap forward in how Salesforce can accelerate our global customers’ digital transformations and empower them to grow, fast and at scale, on our trusted platform.”

Salient Features of Hyperforce

Some of the improvements and features are as below:

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