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What is the SHOCK App?

Today, everyone is busy in their life and doing their routine work. They forget to keep track of their health and workout sessions. The app has all the top features in it, and it comes with the best fitness trackers for its users.

The app is compatible with the Apple watch series and is a woman’s based fitness program app. When you hit the gym,  the app helps you keep record your data and gives accurate information based on the same.

SHOCK App Highlights

Shock App Review

SHOCK App features

With the help of the app, you can customize training programs for yourself. Apart from that, there are many other benefits of using the app. It helps users track their daily workout sessions, calorific burn, and other important data.

Another feature of this app is the heart rate tracking. It is extremely crucial to keep track of the heart rate. The app also helps users get the best results for their workout.

The best feature of the app is that it is fully compatible with the Apple watch, and it notifies the users with wrist taps, sounds, and vibrations as well. You can fix a goal, and when you achieve that, the app will notify you about it.  Apart from that all, you can use it as a music player and can change and play the music on it.

Why should you install SHOCK App?

If you are searching for a women’s fitness app, then SHOCK is the best app for you all. It provides you with the best features that are helpful during the workout period and keep track of other activities as well.  The design of the app is getting better, and each training session is getting better for you all.

There are many training sessions in which you all used equipment, and to keep track of weights and days, you can use the app for it. It is the top app for all women who are all doing the HIIT workout, and with SHOCK, you can get the results in a detailed manner.

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