Snap Improves App Marketing Tools


Snapchat has launched a series of new tools that allow app marketers to boost retention and lifetime value for their apps. The product suite promises new tools to boost return on ad spend.

As per companies view that apps are becoming a tool to connect with others across Snapchat. It underlines Snap’s commitments to bring the best of Snapchat to other apps and adding third-party apps into Snap through ad products.

The Creative Kit now includes Stickers and Dynamic Lenses that can be used to engage Snapchatters who are keen to explore AR content.

How doe Snap improve app marketing tools?

The idea is that by allowing more cross-connection between apps, Snap facilitates more connection to its audience. Meanwhile, while linking to other apps will also open up its platform to outside contributions. In turn, this could help it build a larger eco-system to better compete with Facebook and other social apps. 

Snapchat also announced Snap Minis earlier this year, which enable creators to create mini versions of their apps within Snapchat.

Snapchat says that app marketers focused on user acquisition are now able to select app installs as the objective for AR Lens campaigns.

Marketing tools improved by Snapchat

Through Creative Kit, app marketers can connect their app data into Dynamic Lenses. This provides a means to display app info within AR promotions.

Promotion for Yahoo Fantasy Sports, the AR promotion displays the actual game data within Snapchat. This is one of the new options facilitated by Snap’s improved cross-app connection.

The new App Conversions ad objective provides an improved deep-linking process which is designed to elicit more engagement in apps.

Snapchat’s also adding minimum return on ad spend (ROAS) bidding for app campaigns, which will enable app advertisers to set a specific spend goal for their campaigns. Snapchat’s also developing its Audience Network.

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