Spotify Kids App Now Allows Parental Control

Spotify, the Swedish music streaming giant is on the move to expand the parental control capabilities for its Spotify Kids app, that is targeted at children who are aged more than 3 years on the Spotify Premium Family Plan.

Before this feature, parents only had the chance to direct the kind of experience that their children were suited for, according to them. With the roll-out of this new feature, parents can now block specific kinds of content from their child’s account on accessing his/her listening history the Spotify Kids App.

The company had hinted about rolling out these features when Spotify Kids had made its debut in the U.S. this March. This was done as the parents who were testing this app in the other markets demanded that they wished to have a little more control over the content that was available on the app.

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Spotify Kids App allows parents to view and control what their children listen to with the Spotify Premium Family Plan

While there were no details on the plans then, they did state that the new features would enable parents to have a lot more control over making choices on what exactly could their child stream.

The new mentioned features are now added in the PIN- protected ‘Grown-Ups’ section, that was previously referred to as ‘Parental Settings’. Once a parent enters that section, he/she can select the account of their specific child they wish to view or update.

The Listening History option is a truly amazing feature, that allows the parents to check out every track streamed by the child in the past three months. In Spotify Kids App, It is upto the parents then to select certain tracks and block them by just a single tap on the Block icon that’s right next to the concerned track.

While the immediate attention to demand of parents of younger kids is something that will earn them brownie points in the short-term, an option of importing pre-approved playlists for a little older children would be something that their parents would love. 

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