T-Mobile will terminate corporate employees who are not completely vaccinated by April 2nd

As on February 21st, employees who have gotten only one dosage will be placed on unpaid leave.

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According to an internal email obtained by Bloomberg, T-Mobile will terminate corporate workers who are not entirely vaccinated against COVID-19 by April 2. Deeanne King, T-chief Mobile’s of human resources, allegedly stated that employees who have gotten only one dosage as of February 21 would be placed on unpaid leave.

T-Mobile stated in a statement that it would continue to restrict entry to its badge-controlled workplaces to people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. And that they have communicated to staff those office workers must be entirely vaccinated by April 2. Additionally, the cell provider claimed that “limited” exceptions would be made for specific jobs, places, and legally needed modifications and exemptions.

Bloomberg notes that the regulation applies to company workers who work in the office regularly or ad hoc. Customer support representatives will be required to provide proof of vaccination by February 21 but will not be placed on unpaid leave for failing to do so. Additionally, Bloomberg writes that technicians and retail staff would be exempt from the obligation while the business continues to promote immunization and periodic testing.

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T-Mobile explained that while they recognize that this is a profoundly personal decision for certain workers, they think that taking this step will position them to best safeguard their T-Mobile community.

T-Mobile is far from the only technology business to enforce COVID-19 immunizations, despite the Supreme Court’s rejection of President Joe Biden’s vaccine requirement for significant enterprises. Google gave employees until January 13 to provide proof of vaccination or file an exemption, or risk 30 days of administrative leave, followed by six months of unpaid leave and termination if they do not comply. Intel has also informed staff that if they are not vaccinated by January 4, they would be placed on unpaid leave, while Meta and Apple both need employees to produce documentation of a COVID-19 booster dose.

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