Tango App Review: A powerful live streaming platform

Tango app is a space where you can connect to people through live streams and make money.


Tango app is a live video streaming platform where you can earn money by appearing live. You can meet new people and have a stimulating conversation. It’s a huge benefit for content creators because it allows them to showcase their skills. It’s a great way to make money by engaging with the audience.

Pros of tango app:

Cons of tango app:

What is a tango app?

The tango app is a live streaming app. The app enables you to come live on the platform and interact with your audience in your own way. People may join the live show to support their favorite artists. Through this, content creators help manage to earn some penny.

Tango allows you to monetize your social community by streaming your life from different parts of the world. You can go live to broadcast your skills and start a broadcasting career with tango’s easy payout system. 

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Features of the app:

Features that unveil when you sign up:


iOS and Android platforms 

Yes, The app is free to use. 

Yes, the payment is secure for in-app purchases.

 The app requires permission to access storage, location, photos/media/files, and wifi connection.

It was created for the content creators to have their medium to express their creative space. Every amount they make gives them the motivation to work even harder. It’s a good way to showcase your talent while earning a living.

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