Tesla launches its own social media platform

Tesla Engagement Platform

Tesla launches its own social media platform


Tesla launches a social media platform on its website which lets the users and fans of the brand “take actions in place of Tesla and the movement for cleaner energy.” The latest microsite is named “Tesla Engagement Platform” and it features the details about how Nebraska residents can support the company’s initiative to enable direct sales and service in the state. It also includes future events, and fundraisers to provide relief for the winter storm disaster in Texas.

“Engage Tesla is a new platform for both Tesla’s public policy team and Tesla Owners’ Clubs,” is the first post on the microsite.  “Its goal is to create a digital home base for all of our work, and make it easier for Tesla community members to learn what’s top of mind for us, take meaningful action, and stay in the loop.” Users of the microsite can post comments or press like on what other people post. They are also allowed to follow other users on the microsite to stay updated with the latest comments. 

About Tesla’s own Discussion Forum:

Simultaneously, Tesla chooses to close down the discussion forum of its website. There are other Tesla-related forums running on other sites. But Tesla’s own message board was a good place for the users to talk about products and discuss their positive and negative traits. Since Tesla’s discussion forum was unmoderated, it led to a lot of problems with spam and trolls. 

Tesla’s messaging board is available for the users to comment and post but this week a notification appeared at the top that the forum will turn to a read-only mode starting from 15th March. “To continue the conversation with the Tesla community,” the notice reads, “visit engage.tesla.com.”

The Tesla Engagement Platform is developed to channelize the enthusiasm of the company’s supporters by keeping their developing projects on the centerpiece. For example, Silicon Valley-based Tesla Owners club raised $10000 to extend support for Del Valle, a Texas-based community. Del Valle surrounds the area where the company’s new factory is under construction. Tesla owners have been lobbying governments for a long to take up green energy policies. 

What is Tesla’s Engagement Platform?

People can apply for membership to local owners’ clubs and browse the upcoming events through the microsite. While the microsite being an engagement platform, it also lets the user’s comment to share the ideas for product improvements. Some users who want to have direct communication with the customer service department that is often criticized. But the most common request from the users is to keep the old forum accessible and open. Also, the users want a similar discussion board as the old one, just with moderation. 

“Please do not get rid of the Forums. This is not a replacement. The forums (with exception of the trolls on it) brought about informed discussion to help fellow owners with issues,” a user writes.

The initial post reads “Welcome to the end of the line. You have exactly 13 more days to post threads and comments.”

“This engagement site looks very limited, can’t envision it being an adequate replacement,” another user writes. “Where are y’all going to visit? Feels like a couple of years ago when my golf club shuttered up. Scrambling to find a new home.”

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