The Top Gaming Tech and Accessories to Get Your Hands on in 2022

here’s a look at the top gaming tech and accessories that you’ll want to get your hands on in 2022.

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Gaming tech and accessories is a massive market that is filled with new and exciting products. There’s always something that is generating buzz and excitement, rumours of the next big device just on the horizon and the anticipation that if you look hard enough, you’ll find the perfect accessory. But rather than you having to search through all the reviews and news stories, here’s a look at the top gaming tech and accessories that you’ll want to get your hands on in 2022.

Smartphones Meant for Gaming

While video game consoles continue to be the most popular way to access and play games, smartphones are making a real impression on the industry. Considering the variety of games that have been optimised for mobile use, gamers can choose their mobile device for their gaming needs allowing them to game on the go. 

The top smartphone manufacturers have taken notice of this trend and are now delivering models that are capable of all the typical tasks and at the same time provide a stellar gaming experience. This equates to enhanced graphics, fast refresh rates, extended battery life, larger screens, lighter-weight phones, crisp sound and even easy to access buttons meant for gaming. 

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So, what are the best gaming smartphones you can buy? A few standout smartphones include:

These devices span across all price points, each with its list of pros and cons. If you’re in the market for a new device in 2022, any one of these would enhance your gaming experience.

PC Gaming Plans to Make Its Presence Known

There is no shortage of PC gaming enthusiasts, but let’s face it, typically it isn’t the most buzzed-about platform. This is where 2022 is looking to make its mark and be different from the rest, as the PC gaming industry is poised to have a record year when it comes to releases and excitement. It will be a true measure of strength to stand up to the game consoles, but with the line-up of releases in-store the PC gaming industry may be able to pull it off.

Some of the most highly anticipated and talked about game releases will include:

This is just a small taste of what is to come in 2022. Then there is a list of games that were meant to release in 2021 that for one reason or another got put off and may potentially release in 2022 instead. 

It’s Time to Invest in a New Computer

PC gaming releases lead perfectly into this next must-have tech item for 2022 and that’s a new desktop computer. If you want to be able to play the hottest new titles that contain cutting edge graphics, then you need a desktop that is up to the challenge. When shopping for a new desktop some of the things that may factor into your decision include the budget, whether or not it has 4K, the processor, how quiet the computer is when running, the GPU power and plenty more. 

Here are a couple of options that could satisfy your list of wants and needs in a gaming desktop:

Tech gadgets, gears and accessories are notorious for going on sale at this time of the year, so now is also the perfect time to do a little browsing and potentially make a purchase. Having a new desktop will ensure that any of the new releases in 2022 will run flawlessly.

A Gaming Headset Changes the Way You Play

If you haven’t yet invested in a gaming headset, it’s time to jump on the trend. A high-quality headset will transform your gaming experience and there’s no going back after that. Not only do they offer a level of convenience and even privacy, so the entire room doesn’t hear the conversation through the TV, but they also do a great job at enhancing sounds. Things will be so sharp, crisp, and distinct and you’ll probably hear things you never noticed before.

Besides being able to hear well, it needs to have a high-quality microphone attached so that your voice also comes across crisp and clear. Gamers tend to prefer headsets with a mic that is adjustable so that it fits right and sits in the right spot.

Other features to look for in a gaming headset include:

Be sure to shop around and look at the models carefully so that you can find the ones that will be comfortable and deliver high-quality results.

If you can’t seem to get enough of gaming, why not embrace all the exciting tech and accessories being offered right now and into 2022? Which will you buy?

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