5 tips for busy executives to get started with mobile app design

mobile app design tips

5 tips for busy executives to get started with mobile app design

You work in a business role in your organization and your boss has asked you to oversee the companies mobile app project. This article is for busy executives just like you, who want to quickly get some tips in mobile app design and development. To start with, here are 5 tips for starting your mobile app design.

According to International Data Corporation  research, Mobile Internet Users are going to Top 2 Billion Worldwide in 2017.   All this translates into the much-needed division of resources to better mobile app design development.

To make things easier, we would recommend following five points to keep in mind while approaching mobile app design development:-

1: Wireframe: You should have a wireframe in place before you even think of getting to the design stage. This wireframe will help the mobile app designer understand the app flow and also all the elements that should be on a particular app screen.

2: Watch your competitor: You should create a list of at least 4-5 good looking apps in your industry/domain and provide them to the designer to give him a cue to begin with. This will help you set the tone of the communication that will flow from there on.

3: Watching the trend: Knowing what’s the trend is important to build a “design structure” and the best place is to see what’s hot in your domain/industry. We highly recommend that you spend some good time on sites like Pttrns , AppreciateUI , or even Dribble .

4: User Group: Creating a group of users (family & friends) identical to the targeted audience is an interesting approach to bounce the first cut of the design with them to take there views and inputs. This will help you a lot in the long run.

5: Market Test: As they say the market is the best teacher, listen-talk-communicate with the first set of users that you acquire to take feedback and try incorporating that as fast as possible.

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