Top 5 Mobile App Events in November 2022

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Main Highlights:

As the business expands, it appears like a new mobile event appears every week. It’s a good idea to do these steps ahead of time to avoid wasting your time (and money).

Establish your objectives.

Plan your conference schedule with this purpose in mind.

If you want to learn about new tools and technologies utilized by industry professionals, be sure the event’s tech agenda is current and relevant to you. If networking is your primary aim, make sure the conference has a good presence from your colleagues and industry role models.

If you’re concentrating on professional development and skill development, make sure the agenda isn’t just keynotes and buzzwords. Look for courses and sessions that are relevant to your daily operations. Make sure that the attendance and sponsor lists are compatible with your company’s growth and vendor selection goals. If you’re just looking to have a good time or get some much-needed R&R, be sure the venue, accommodations, and timing are all appropriate.

If you want a mix of the aforementioned, make sure the event checks all the necessary boxes – and that each category is given the proper weight for your purposes.

Once you’ve determined that the event is worth your time, you should start planning how to make the most of it. This entails making an outline of how you expect to spend each day of the conference.

Make a list of any speakers you’d want to hear from, individuals you’d like to (re)connect with, seminars you’d like to attend, technology vendors you’d like to analyze, potential partners you’d like to pitch, and so on.

How Should You Select the Best Mobile Events to Attend in 2022?

It pays to stay up to date on the newest technology, trends, and business models in an industry that is characterized by near-constant innovation and change. Often, industry gatherings may be a valuable resource in this regard.

However, with so many different conferences, each with its own distinct emphasis and skills, it can be tough to determine which, if any, are worth your time and attention. With that in mind, I’ve produced this list of the finest mobile events for app workers on the commercial side of things.

Considerations for Post-COVID Conferencing

We’re all quite thrilled to get back out there after more than two years of COVID-19-induced seclusion. Nonetheless, it’s doubtful that you’ll be able to attend every business event. When deciding which events to attend and which to skip, it’s critical to understand what each conference has to offer and how it fits your needs.

We hope that this information will be useful to you as you plan your 2022 conference schedule. Each event featured provides something different, whether it’s skill development, market insights, professional contacts, trend research, process innovation, or company growth.

Top 5 Mobile App Events in November 2022
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Game Connection Europe 2022

Game Connection Europe 2022 is a mobile conference hosted in Paris, France that focuses on building new contacts and partnering. You can locate a publisher if you are a developer. You can locate new applications and games if you’re a publisher. Finally, if you are a service provider, you may connect with publishers and developers that require your assistance.

When: from November 3rd to November 4th, 2022

Where: Paris, France

Topics: mobile development and publishing

Price: from €790 to €1,000

Website: Game Connection Europe

Who should attend: developers, publishers, distributors, and service providers.

India Game Developer Conference

The India Game Developer Conference is a three-day event in Hyderabad that attracts over 5,000 developers from all over the world. It will feature well-known speakers from EA,, and Junglee Games.

When: from November 3rd to November 5th, 2022

Where: Hyderabad, India

Topics: game development

Price: from $6 to $22

Website: India Game Developer Conference

Who should attend: game developers

Hyper Games Conference

More than 2,000 mobile gaming industry experts will assemble in Turkey for the Hyper Games Conference. It’s one of the most distinctive conferences, with an emphasis on hyper-casual, hybrid casual, and blockchain games.

Add HGC Turkey to your itinerary if you want to learn from presenters from renowned firms such as Azur Games, SensorTower, AppsFlyer, AppLovin, Tenjin, Crazy Labs, GameRefinery, and Homa Games.

When: from November 10th to November 11th, 2022

Where: Istanbul, Turkey

Topics: hyper-casual games, hybrid casual games, mobile games, web3, blockchain games, metaverse, etc.

Website: Hyper Games Conference

Who should attend: mobile game developers, publishers, and other industry professionals.

Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan 2022

Pocket Gamer Connects is a renowned mobile app conference in Jordan. It gathers industry experts to share expertise, get inspired, and find new partners.

When: from November 12th to November 13th, 2022

Where: Balqa Governorate, Jordan

Topics: mobile apps and games, industry trends,

Price: from £29 to £829

Website: Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan 2022

Who should attend: mobile app and game developers, mobile app and game publishers, data/analytics, tools/toolsets, mobile operators, hardware, software, and all other games/apps services, recruitment, legal, investors, etc.

App Growth Summit Austin 2022

The Austin App Growth Summit has outstanding speakers from businesses such as Uber Eats, Sable, and Disney Streaming Services. TikTok, Hulu, Prime Video, Cameo, and more firms will also be present. This mobile app conference, like all previous App Growth Summit events, is by invitation only.

When: November 16th, 2022

Where: Austin, Texas, United States

Topics: mobile app trends, mobile app growth, mobile app strategies, mobile gaming, mobile app, and game marketing.

Price: invite-only

Website: App Growth Summit Austin

Who should attend: app developers and publishers, gaming companies, app marketers, and other industry experts.

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Why is it necessary to attend mobile conferences?

Conference attendance is critical for a developer’s professional development. Nothing beats conferences for breaking up the routine of daily life, meeting topic specialists, and sparking fresh ideas. As a result, attending conferences is essential for staying up-to-date in our area.

What are the advantages of attending a worldwide conference?

People from the industry will be all around you. They are people who share your interests and create initiatives to solve comparable issues. Things change swiftly in the mobile business, given its current state.

New features are always being added, resulting in new challenges for you to deal with. Developers in your neighborhood may have already committed to correcting an issue you’ve recently discovered.

Why is it important to make relationships at conferences?

One of the numerous benefits of attending a conference is the opportunity to network with colleagues. Making connections is essential since it broadens your perspectives.

When faced with a difficult problem, you have a network of individuals who can help you develop solutions or give other sorts of aid. As a result, this network may boost your job security and opportunities for promotion.

What are the differences between Android and iOS?

Both Android and iOS are operating systems, yet their functionality differs. iOS, a mobile operating system, is provided by Apple Incorporation. It is designed particularly for Apple’s portable devices, such as the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Android, which is based on Linux and is largely open-source, has a more PC-like interface and basic features than iOS.

What are the primary advantages of attending an Android/iOS conference?

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