Top 5 Online Pharmacy Apps in United Kingdom

Here's our list of top pharmaceutical apps in UK.

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Top 5 Online Pharmacy Apps in United Kingdom

In recent years, pharmacy applications have proven to be quite useful. These applications provide a platform that links large pharmacies in order to assist people in need. Medicine apps such as Pocket Pharmacist have emerged as the most important source of many health care products such as medicines, lab tests, doctor consultations, and medicine information, among others.

Having a mobile health alternative at your pharmacy can assist you in meeting the increased need for digital care solutions while also allowing you to provide higher-quality, more personalised services.

Patients may manage their health more efficiently from the comfort of their own homes with digital care choices such as pharmacy mobile applications. Allow them to order prescription refills at any time of day, without having to phone or visit the shop during business hours.

Mobile apps simplify pharmaceutical service and communication, saving patients time and effort throughout the course of a busy day. They may access mobile-friendly services, message their provider, and securely communicate health information all from their phones.

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source: appedus

Here’s our list of top pharmaceutical apps available in UK:

Pill Pack

The pharmacy not only fills prescriptions, but it may also fill over-the-counter drugs and vitamin supplements. The firm packages your prescriptions into compact packets to be taken at particular times of day, eliminating the need for a pillbox or sorting your own pills. Prescription medications will be provided in separate containers as needed.

Instead of a 90-day period, automatic refills will be distributed on a 30-day schedule. This enables the pharmacy staff to make rapid modifications to your prescriptions if your treatment plan changes. Insurance is accepted, and shipment is free, with the first one assured to arrive within two weeks.

A pharmacist is ready to answer your inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The drugstore is accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and is a member of the Pharmacy Verified Websites Program.



If your doctor accepts electronic prescriptions, you can order medication through LloydsDirect. At the present, that equates to 96% of all GPs in England. Don’t worry about notifying your doctor about your decision to switch to LloydsDirect.

Request prescriptions, track your orders, and receive reminders to take your medication all from our mobile app or website.

All prescription medications, even those kept in the refrigerator, are delivered free of charge. They deliver from our main pharmacy to any address in the United Kingdom. You’ll receive a reminder to order your next prescription 10 days before it expires. As a result, your next order should arrive on schedule.

Your LloydsDirect account may be used to manage your entire family’s medicines. You can have their medication delivered to you or mail it directly to them. Human-friendly Patient Care consultants and pharmacists are available to assist you. Receive assistance via phone, email, or in-app messaging.



The NHS repeat prescription ordering app, Healthera, is also known as the Online Repeat Prescription app. You may use the app to request a repeat prescription without needing to contact your local GP or pharmacy.

When you need a repeat prescription filled, you may use the Healthera app to save long lines, phone calls, and visits to your doctor.

When your prescription is ready, go to your pharmacy and pick up your medication.
The Healthera app and electronic prescription service make it easier to acquire a repeat prescription. It also cuts down on administrative time for your doctor and pharmacist.


Hey Pharmacist

Hey Pharmacist is an NHS repeat prescription ordering service that allows you to order your medicine online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their website and app are accessible at any time and from any location. They make repeat prescriptions simple by offering the choice of picking them up at your local pharmacy or having them delivered right to your house!

Their objective is to alleviate the burden associated with buying NHS repeat prescription medicines. Making the procedure as easy and adaptable as feasible. While retaining the face-to-face connection that is crucial for creating trust with your local pharmacist, and since we work with the NHS, you can be confident that your GP is kept up to speed on everything, and your health records are kept confidential.



TPP’s revolutionary patient-facing software, Airmid, was created to help patients and physicians alike by allowing individuals to participate with their care network and take charge of their healthcare. Airmid is the answer to digital first healthcare for everybody, from appointment scheduling through video consultations and wearable integrations.

TPP’s Airmid app is aimed to help you by bringing you closer to professionals and providing you control over your personal healthcare requirements. Airmid allows you to view your whole medical data and eliminates the need for face-to-face appointments. It gives information on local health care organisations, allowing you to have greater control over your personal health while spending less time on it.

You can see all of your upcoming appointments and set appointment reminders to your calendar so you don’t miss any. Airmid has video consultations, so you may be consulted directly from the app.


source: appedus

Final Word

Individuals can avoid long queues by having their prescription and non-prescription drugs delivered directly to their house using online pharmacy services. What’s better? Many of these internet pharmacies also provide substantial drug discounts. Some patients may still prefer to engage with pharmacists in person if they have any queries regarding their meds, but the majority of these online pharmacies, including as PillPack, Honeybee Health, and Capsule, also offer pharmacist help by email, phone, or chat. Online pharmacy services are worth considering if you want to save money while still having the convenience of home delivery.

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