Top App Designs for Beginners

Top ideas for app designing for newbies.

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Making and developing applications is very intriguing for some, but at the same time it might be daunting for few when they are just getting started and need some app ideas. There are many platforms to download apps namely Google Play Store and App Store, they are full of apps, yet daily new apps get added on the platform. If you’re a newbie and looking to make some apps and you start looking around, there are so many different sorts of applications that you don’t know where to begin.

This post will help you with various types of applications and provide you with some amazing ideas to get you started. In no time, you’ll be an expert in designing applications and ideating one.

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Following is the list of top app design ideas for beginners:

Recipe App

Everyone must cook in order to feed and survive, but it is difficult to come up with new recipes on a regular basis without becoming tired with the same old ones. This application displays a list of recipe names to the user. By clicking on it, the whole recipe, including meal type and difficulty level, is displayed. The user can also see a picture and can use it as a reference for plating and garnishing.

Mood Monitoring App

Mood trackers have been around for a long time, but this idea is now highly trending. It allows users to chart their daily moods and track them in the app. It offers what to do and what not to do to improve one’s mood by studying the patterns.

Unit Converter App

Most of us are afraid of arithmetic and are uncomfortable with a variety of topics, particularly unit conversions. This tool is useful in everyday life, particularly in cooking, where some units are in liters and others in kilograms. You may build it with just two units, such as kilos to pounds, or with more, liters to cups. This application will not only assist with kitchen metrics, but will also assist with any metric conversions, whether it be length, volume, currency, or temperature.

Table Booking App

Calls are so out of date, and waiting on hold for an operator to pick up is a waste of time. There are just a handful of applications that allow you to book reservations online via a chatbot or a simple form. However, this is not generally known in many regions. Since this idea is not yet widely popular, you could create an app that allows users to simply book reservations in your city or area.

Karaoke App

Everyone enjoys singing, but not everyone can memorize all of the lyrics. Karaoke has made it easy for everyone who enjoys singing by displaying words and playing music at the same time, and as a result, everyone enjoys karaoke. you may make the app as adaptable as possible by including various music genres and by adding entertaining backdrops for the lyrics. Make sure the user can sing by utilizing sound-making filters.

Parking Space Finder App

Finding a parking place is a daunting problem. If you’re lucky, you might discover the area in a heartbeat; otherwise, it’s a difficult chore on a bad day. Many applications have begun to appear on the market that attempt to cover a wide range of geographies, thus this one is constantly in demand. Create one for your neighborhood to assist folks in minimizing their parking spot hunt.

Task Scheduling & Motivation App

We make to-do lists virtually every day, but how many of them do we actually complete? This application functions similarly to a to-do list, but with a twist. This app should be designed in such a manner that it reminds and motivates and encourages users to complete the task before the deadline.

Virtual Exam Study Group App

Pandemic and lockdown exposed us all to a virtual world, and we all became accustomed to it. This application, designed specifically for students, should be a mix of a video conference and a forum that they may use from home rather than physically meeting. You may also incorporate other instructional resources and tools into it.

Social Networking App for New Parents

It might be daunting to become a parent for the first time. With so many individuals giving their tips and techniques to countless books and online publications, it is easy to get overwhelmed about what to do and what not to do. It’s similar to the previous application, except it’s aimed at young parents. There may be a forum, chat rooms, and even parenting books and guidance.

Disaster Management App

It is not unusual for a region to be impacted by an earthquake, a flood, or any other natural catastrophe or calamity. Users may then follow the location, amount, and level of harm and assist themselves and others who are affected.

Overall Conclusion for Beginner App Ideas

Begin with the simplest and work your way up. The more apps you create, the more you will learn about various programming languages and development approaches. Most of these easy app ideas will take between one and two months to develop. Take it simple and turn it into a passion. 

FAQs on Application Ideas for Beginners

1 How can a beginner create an app?

To begin, individuals must learn about various development approaches and programming languages. Fortunately, it is now a lot more automated than it was previously. In a week, you can have a working app with some basic knowledge and a computer.

2 How do I come up with a mobile app idea?

There are several concepts to draw inspiration from. Simply look at the applications you currently have on your phone, review our list of basic starting apps, or come up with an original concept that you believe others would find useful.

3 How do I know if my app idea is good?

The best approach to find out is to look at customer reviews of your software. Make sure the feedback is honest if you are testing among relatives and family.

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