WeLink Raises $185 Million to Provide High-Speed Internet

WeLink Raises $185 Million

Utah based WeLink will provide high-speed internet in the US

According to a study, the vast majority of American homes still don’t have access to a high-speed internet connection. Those living in some dense urban areas may get a good connection if they’re lucky. It is more than evident that the market and the consumers need more choice and competition. To tackle this a Utah-based internet service provider is emerging as an alternative.

WeLink takes advantage of the 5G millimeter spectrum and easily available hardware to create a mesh network of wireless base stations. These stations can transmit high-bandwidth signals across entire neighborhoods. That too at relatively cheap infrastructure costs. The company successfully raised $185 million from Digital Alpha Advisors to expand across the United States.

About WeLink

Kevin Ross and Ahsan Naim founded WeLink in 2018. It is an ISP that delivers consistently fast speeds, better WiFi, straightforward pricing, and quality customer service. It’s Wireless Fiber technology delivers top-of-the-line speeds with business-class reliability within your neighborhood.

WeLink will also deliver fiber into residential and commercial areas with the mmWave technology. The company will employ 802.11ay silicon tech and Open/R modern network routing approaches to deliver a quality experience. The latest funding will be used to accelerate WeLinik’s footprint in the Las Vegas metro area, Phoenix, and Tucson by Q2 2021.

WeLink’s High-Speed Internet

The development of wireless internet technology is going on for more than a decade. And, Ross believes that the combination of reliable millimeter-wave 5G will bring high-speed internet to many users. The availability of hardware equipment and mmWave at around 60-70 Ghz will make it possible. Also, the implementation of mesh architecture will make the signals bounce back between different base stations for a strong connection.

 Digital Alpha Advisors invested a total of $185 million into the company in both equity and a debt facility. The investor will take over a part of the revenue share of the company in return. Since the company’s bandwidth is significantly higher, it is not in competition with its competitors. Although, Starlink can prove tough competition for the startup when rural coverage is concerned. 

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