WhatsApp’s Latest Update Adds New Features

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Whatsapp just rolled out its latest beta version, which introduces a bunch of new features like Always Mute, a new storage system, no calls for verified business, and Media guidelines.

What is Always Mute?

In this update, users can enable the Always Mute feature for their chats. In the earlier versions, users were only able to mute chats for 8 hours, 1 week, or 1 year.

 Now this update replaces the 1 year option with ‘Always’, enabling users to mute chats forever.

Another feature related to Business accounts allows the “Verified Business” account to hide contact information. This removes the voice and video call buttons from chats. Yet, the options= to call and video chat are still available if you tap the profile icon in the chat and contact list. 

However, the reasons for this change are unknown and Whatsapp may revert it back to its current defaults. 

The Android beta also features a new UI for Storage Usage. The initial rollout was slow and fewer users received the redesigned UI.

Whatsapp rolled out a Media Guidelines feature which eases the alignment of stickers and text while editing images, GIFs, and videos. 

 These features are being rolled out to beta users on Android. If you are using build and haven’t received them yet, just wait a few days.

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