Why You Should Make your App Artificially Intelligent

artificially intelligent app

Why You Should Make your App Artificially Intelligent

Before we get on to what Hollywood movies have told you so far about Artificial Intelligence, let us take a break to tell you the whys of Artificial Intelligence.

Any task which can be taught and exercised by a computer and delivers the same output in terms of experience which a human does is a task that demands an AI system. So AI isn’t just about robots resembling humans, but more about how well do they have the ability to respond to our needs and if they are able to receive our communication properly.

Considering that let’s see a few reasons why any top mobile app development company shall look to make an app artificially intelligent:

Virtual Voice Assistants Are Evolving :

With voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, and the recent Amazon Alexa being accepted as well established practices, it is easy to infer that the quality of these services is moving up the slope. Adopted practices offered by google maps while on the steering have proved very helpful and proved to be a vital contributing factor to the purpose. Keeping this in mind the majority of smartphone users who are growing used to this habit, it could be a crucial factor to incorporate AI into your mobile app. The voice assistant feature can be incorporated into the functionality of almost any app be it the food sector, shopping, home assistance, banking etc.

Smart Watches Shall Boost Its Usage To The Next Level:

Smart Watches contribute to a great Baggage convenience of not needing to carry the phone in your palm for every minute operation. Smart Watches and earpieces could be the next step in hardware that shall amplify the use of such assistance. This could enable virtually taking almost every bit of detail and more importantly letting your own reception open to the advice of AI.

AI Can Use Data Like Language:

While we human beings rely mostly on experience and instinct to make a decision. That is because compared to computers we cannot access bulk data and carry out tough calculations. Where AI scores the advantage is that it can make decisions made on correct empirical calculations and present to you as a suggestion. A typical example is Uber where the map helps you retrace the closest possible path which can be termed as an instance of AI assist. Thanks to smart data management techniques, systems can be fed with data and purpose-oriented programming enables them to take a better decision. This is one important strength human intentions should look forward to expecting from AI.

Big Data and IOT Are Inching Towards Their Best

In case you are convinced with the Why, the home will come knocking straight at your door. Cloud Computing, Big Data Services, and IOT are some important precursors of AI technology. The more efficient, time-saving, energy saving your data recording and management systems are, more are the chances of a stronger AI. Several Food Apps are now implementing AI so help food explorers come across their perfect taste. Unlike other food discovery apps, this is possible for them because they made smart Big Data implementations in the first place. Combined with Wearable devices and other sensor technology is nothing extra input devices that shall create better data recording practices.

They are Incorruptible

Excluding cases of human incompetence, acts of human complacency amidst operations as influenced by various emotional mechanisms is a great halt. Besides the efficiencies, quick speed and any other retention factors, one reason to pick AI over humans is their ability to not be influenced by their surroundings. Apart from that technologies or cryptocurrency are virtually immune to any crimes apart from out of the world cyber threats. Certain security features and operations which pose the risk of compromising civilian safety can be issued to Artificial Intelligence.

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