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Write app is a word processor for handwriting that can be edited and navigated further.

Overview of Write App?

Write app is a handwriting word processor, a tool that enhances the freedom and power of handwriting by providing novel ways to edit and navigate documents. It is a simple note-taking app. It is specially designed for taking notes while brainstorming ideas and quickly jotting them down, as well as drawing. If you enjoy arts and crafts, this is the app for you. It allows you to save ideas and much more. It allows you to write or draw whatever you want, without being limited to the set of symbols on your keyboard.

The insert Space tool makes editing handwritten text as simple as editing typed text. You can either insert space for new words or remove space and delete words. Take note of how the paragraph reflows as a whole. The insert space tool also makes it simple to add items to a list.

Pros of Write app :

Cons of Write app:

Features of the App

Why choose Write App?

Write is a handwriting processor which gives you an unlimited amount of options to write notes and enhances handwriting. you have the creative freedom all to yourself to edit and navigate documents.it works well to write down shopping lists. Plus it is your own handwriting that makes it pleasing to the eyes.

It secures the privacy of your documents. it only has access to photo/media/files/ and storage (read the contents of your USB storage and modify or delete the contents of your USB storage). It also has full access to your network.

In daily life, our mind runs through various ideas. We might stumble across a perfect business idea or designing your own wedding clothes or writing down poems and stories. The app gives you access to a quick write-up and does not take much effort to carry a pen and notebook because of course!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

The app is available for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. 

Yes, The app is free to use. 

         No, the app does not support in-app purchases.

Write App Review: 

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