How Xamarin can be used for efficient cross-platform development of Mobile Apps

Choose Xamarin for cross-platform development of mobile applications

Why Xamarin?

Using the mobile application is a choice now, but it is a priority and necessity for all. Besides developing a mobile application, it is tough to decide which kind of mobile application we can develop, native app development or cross-platform mobile app development. 

Although both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages based on the needs of businesses, choosing the best platform is the most essential and challenging thing to do. 

However, as per the study, almost 80% of the enterprises focus on serving multiple platforms with just one mobile application; a cross-platform app development platform is the best suitable choice for such enterprises. Moreover, cross-platform apps are cost-effective and easy-to-use platforms. 

What is cross-platform app development?

The idea behind the development of cross-platform is to deliver a mobile application that is suitable for more than one operating system. As a result, it will work the same on all the devices for which it is available. Therefore, it is imperative to differentiate cross-platform apps from hybrid applications. In cross-platform mobile app development, native elements are used to gain even better performance, especially for the user interface. 

There are mainly two types of cross-platform app development: one that allows you to run on many platforms, and the other needs to be compiled to run on any platform before. 

Benefits of using cross-platform app development:

Maximum reach to the entire audience

Developing a mobile application that can run on various platforms can help you to reach more audiences. As it can work on any operating system available in the market, it can cover 98% of the total population that use Android and iOS mobile applications. This can also help your business to get more popular and earn more revenue by serving the targeted audience. 

This platform allows you to develop a mobile application that can run on any operating system you want to run. In addition, this cross-platform also enables you to deploy your application over the web. This can also help you to enhance your business performance. 

Native app development

The main factor of cross-platform app development is to provide an application that looks and feels like native applications. Due to the arrival of various advanced and latest functionalities and tools, the react native app development service can develop a cross-platform application similar to the native apps. 

Native app development is developed for a single platform, the application developed with the help of cross-platform can be used by various media, but the code will be the same, but the look and feel will be like a native app.


Mainly the concept of cross-platform app development is based on “write once and run anywhere”. Hence, the code can be reused with the help of agile app development tools that can be used on any platform you like, reducing the overall cost required for app development.

Furthermore, because of using cross-platform app development, the Xamarin app development services provider needs to invest only once for developing their mobile application. Therefore, they don’t need to spend on individual applications. 

Smooth deployment and maintenance

As only one application is developed for various platforms, it is comparatively easier to maintain and deploy the code or make any changes in the code. The updates or changes that are made are also easily and rapidly synced over all the platforms as well as the devices; this will save both time and money. In case of any bug found, it can be easily solved in the code that will also get updated on all devices. 

Cross-platform app development is adequate when it comes to maintenance and support. It doesn’t need to engage separate support systems for each application when it has any issue or bug. 

Reusable code

One of the main reasons and the best thing for selecting cross-platform app development is the code can be reused anywhere after compiling once. These features save the time and effort of the developers for creating code for every platform. Cross-platform app development runs on a concept written once run anywhere; the code can be reused anywhere instead of rewriting it. 

Get the best Cross platform app for your business growth

Reasons to choose Xamarin for cross-platform app development

The process of developing an application by using Xamarin reduces the time to develop a cross-platform application. In addition, it offers a simple way of sharing your code over multiple mobile platforms and takes very little time to build. 

Mobile apps developed using Xamarin cross-platform development provide a better user experience because of the standard UI controls. Because of this, you don’t even need to establish any extra plug-ins. 

Xamarin is initially developed on open-source technologies that will offer you the flexibility to select the components according to your requirement. Its component store is a significant value-add that provides developers various resources, including cross-platform libraries, UI controls, and third-party web services. 

Xamarin’s mobile app development platform performance is similar to the native app development. Apps that are built using Xamarin.Android or Xamarin.iOS will reflect native apps as the app’s development is focused on sharing the business logic instead of reusing the code. 

The cross-platform app development efficiency uses native UI controls and leverages platform-specific hardware acceleration to close to native app development performance. Developers can also check the strength of the application using Xamarin insights, which is a real-time app monitoring module. 

If using the application offline is the main key point of your application, Xamarin is backed by the Microsoft Azure ecosystems. It offers reliable cloud-data synchronization, enabling you to use the application even if you are not connected to the internet. 

With the help of integration with Azure, you can expect straight network connectivity to ensure regular application performance and reduce the lag in performance. 

As we know that Xamarin is a Microsoft-based product, visual studio will become your environment to develop and debug the applications by default. In addition, the visual studio contains an inbuilt code editing environment and a stimulator to try the app you want to build. 

Xamarin app development developers can use the Visual Studio app center to test the applications on the various services in the Cloud. This can offer you the flexibility to test multiple new features offline even while the app is being live and used in the market. 


To develop a cross-platform app using the Xamarin platform, you need to hire a company that will provide you with Xamarin development services that will help you build your mobile app according to your needs and requirements. 

There are many benefits and reasons for using Xamarin cross-platform for app development. I have mentioned some of the primary advantages and reasons for mobile app development in this blog. 

I suggest you go through this blog before you choose any platform or start developing any mobile app. 

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