Y Combinator backs Spark Studio, an extracurricular learning startup

Spark Studio provides online classes for children aged 5 to 15 years in visual arts, music and communication.

Main Highlights

Spark Studio has won the financing of Y Combinator as part of S21 in Bangladesh’s extracurricular learning company. It has already expanded to 7000 users across ninety countries. The Spark Studio was started in February 2021 by Anushree Goenka, Kaustubh Khade, and Namita Goel.

Spark Studio will invest in the creation of a dedicated platform with excellent content and curricula with Y Combinator’s financing. The founding team has more than fifteen years of training and technology expertise.

“Combinator’s trust in the Indian extracurricular learning area is the confirmation of our concept,” stated Anushree Goenka, co-founder, and CEO of Spark Studio. The learning has migrated online and parents are searching for quality programs in which their children may participate significantly.”

The motivation behind Spark Studio

“The finest scientists are also artists,” Einstein famously said. The winners of the Nobel Prize are 20 times more likely to engage in fine arts, crafts, or performing arts than the typical scientist. Anushree, Namita, and Kaustubh set up Spark Studio with this as their motivation.

Spark Studio offers high-quality online learning classes for people aged 6-15. Designed by professionals and instructed by exceptional teachers, the sessions are organized in small groups to make learning interesting and engaging. This is followed by content for review and independent external learning. Their curriculum is complemented by aspects that make children age-relevant and entertaining.

The company’s instructor network is currently being expanded. Spark Studio offers more than 15 training programs in music, communication, and visual arts. Parents inscribe their children in classes like debating, telling stories, photography, stop motion animation, guitar, and piano.

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Benefits of using Spark Studio

Spark Studio provides the comfort of your home with outstanding extracurricular education for children. Courses are offered in classes of 1:5 for students from 5 to 15 years of age. It takes 10-15 weeks to complete courses. They create this in three areas – communication skills, music, and visual arts – with a complete stack approach (in contrast to a marketplace). It designs curricula, trains instructors, develops content and quality control for all aspects of learning. This allows children to adore these sessions and the completion rate is 98.5%.

“Children adore lessons in the Spark Studio. This is the one class that your parents must attend throughout the week. It’s all about developing amazing classroom experiences and providing quality on a scale,” said Goel, the curriculum manager.

The Indian extracurricular industry is a $50 billion business lately supported by the National Education Policy, which obliges out-of-school students to be equal to academics. Spark Studio has developed courses, which may be offered online by skilled educators and awarded artists for the comfort of home, with artists and pedagogical professionals. Small batch numbers guarantee personal attention, participatory learning, and classroom invention.

“We had significant insight into global e-tech production processes at an early step of construction work with Y Combinator’s partners. We continuously learn like our little children,” Khade remarked. San Francisco-based Y Combinator has already invested in Spark Studio in its S21 batch, supporting Unicorns such as Airbnb, Meesho, or Razorpay.

Tim Brady of the Y Combinator said they are enthusiastic about the magnitude of the Indian edtech market and the strength of the Spark Studio’s founding team. Y Combinator’s Summer Program (S21), with 17,000 applicants, has been selected to invest in just 400 businesses worldwide.

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