YouTube Creators Awards: Tiers and Benefits of Receiving One

youtube creator awards

YouTube Creator Awards, commonly known as YouTube Play Buttons, are a series of gifts from YouTube that aim to recognize its most popular channels. They are based on a channel’s subscriber count but are offered at the sole discretion of YouTube.

Each channel is reviewed before an award is issued, to ensure that the channel follows the YouTube community guidelines. 

Also, YouTube reserves the right to refuse to hand out a Creator Award, which it has done to select channels with horror or political content as well as various critics.

Tier and Perks of Non-Physical Awards

Physical Creator Awards

A verified YouTube channel reaches a specific milestone and is deemed eligible for a YouTube Creator Reward. They are awarded with a relatively flat trophy in a metal casing with a YouTube play button symbol. The trophies are of different sizes: each button and plaque gets progressively bigger with the channel’s subscriber count. 

The Silver and Gold awards were introduced at VidCon 2012, with the Diamond award being introduced at VidCon 2015. The Creator Awards are made by the New York firm, Society Awards.

Tiers of Physical Awards

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