YouTube Music Adds Quick Picks Carousel

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YouTube Music has been rolling out new features and refining the app for users. It is now rolling out a new ‘Quick Picks’ section on its app. Multiple Reddit users have reported about this new feature. This update adds instantaneously generated radio playlists to its service.

Quick Picks

The new ‘Quick Picks’ section consists of a carousel featuring four songs on each page. On selecting a song, a radio playlist of similar songs will be created. YT Music had a similar feature already. It allowed users to create a playlist of similar songs on the radio. But the feature was buried within the overflow menu. 

The new ‘Quick Picks’ section proves to be a more efficient and prominent way of doing this. The new carousel on the Home Feed shows 20 songs you’ve recently listened to. When you make a selection, it generates a playlist of similar songs. You can find this carousel below the ‘Your Favourites’ and ‘Mixed for you’ sections.

The feature was first spotted by a Reddit user some two months ago. It seems that Google is finally rolling it out to more users. It is available on both Android and iOS apps and its web client as well. Google is trying to persuade users to shift to YouTube Music. It shut down Google Play Music in October and added new features to the music streaming service.

Recent updates

Last week Google rolled out several new features to the service. It introduced a customizable activity bar on the Homepage and ‘My Mixes’ playlists. The three new personalized playlists are named: Discovery Mix, New Release Mix, and Your Mix. These playlists provide the latest releases and a wider range of artists and sounds.

YouTube Music presents seven new and distinct personalized My Mix playlists on your Homepage. These playlists feature a diverse list of artists. It changed ‘Your Mix’ to ‘My Supermix.’ It combines all your music tastes into one eclectic listening experience. On the Home tab, the activity bar gives easy access to music for different activities. It provides four different playlists. These are Workout, Focus, Relax, and Commute playlists.

About YouTube Music

YT Music is a dedicated music streaming service. It guides you through the world of music. It brings official songs and albums directly to your device. You can listen to live performances, remixes, or anything else you want. It also provides recommendations based on your taste directly to your home screen.

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