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Interview with Evan Rose from Rose Digital, Manhattan, USA

App Development Company Rose Digital: Interview with Evan Rose Founder of Rose Digital.

We reached out to Evan Rose, the Founder of app development company Rose Digital for a short interview to understand what makes them leading app developers from Manhattan, USA.

Evan started Rose Digital from his living room in 2013. From there he scripted his story and went on to serve marquee clients like Ford, Zoetis etc. Rose Digital is in its fifth year of operation and still going strong. Evan is a member of Forbes New York Business Council and also actively involved with The Steve Fund (A philanthropic organization promoting the mental well being of college students of color and ensuring the smooth transition of all students to adulthood.)

Tell us something about your company.

Rose Digital started back in 2013 in my living room. I was working on various small projects and quickly realized that there was quite a bit of demand for development in the mobile space. Fast forward to present day, we focus our work on building single page web apps, hybrid or native mobile apps and augmented reality experiences for large enterprises. We’re based in Columbus Circle in Manhattan.

What are your company’s specializations?

We have focused mostly on responsive and mobile work but more recently, we have begun focusing on augmented reality experiences. In developing these applications, we also do UX/UI design, Information Architecture. API design and development, Database Architecture, Project Management, Analytics and Machine Learning.

Who are some of your major customers?

We have developed applications for American Express, Ford, Zoetis, Skanska and Nevada State Libraries among others.

Top 5 apps that you have developed?

Ford Owner App |  Working Capital Terms | CommunityConnect | Farley Moynihan Train Hall | Dealer Market Exchange.

What is your average cost of mobile app development?

It varies between projects and is based on the scope of work needed but most projects fall into the $100-500k range.

Provide a list of your 5 domain specializations.

  • Hybrid Mobile App Development
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Augmented Reality Development (Headset Based)
  • Augmented Reality Development for Web

What cross-platform technologies and tools do you use?

We have used Cordova with Ionic in the past but now we prefer to use React Native.

Do you develop mobile apps with native or hybrid?

We do native iOS, native Android development and Hybrid mobile development.

What is the app development process that you follow?

We are an agile development shop. We begin the process with a shared project scoping phase where we break down the project into clearly defined user stories encompassing all of the functionality needed. From that, we organize the work into epics (groups of related functionality) and attach story points to each story that estimate the amount of work. From there, we have sprint planning every two weeks and put stories into sprints which comprises the day to day workload of our team. At the end of sprints, we host a sprint review where work is reviewed before making a demo release to share with our clients.

What is the new technology you are working on?

We are working on projects with Solidity and React Native.

Do you work on technologies like IoT, Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence?

We do work with blockchain mostly based on Ethereum and Stellar. We try to bake in deep learning to the products we create where possible. In many cases we build classification and recommendation systems based on large datasets from our customers.

Are you looking for customers in a particular industry or domain? Please mention just one industry.

Our focus is on working with large enterprises who want to innovate using the technology we are known for (mobile, augmented reality).

Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?

In 5 years, I would like for Rose Digital to have over 150 employees and regularly work with 15+ fortune 500 companies.

App Development Company Rose Digital: Interview with the founder Evan Rose was conducted over an email communicationAll the information provided is approved by Bixlabs’s officials before publishing. If you need further information then you can reach out to them directly on their official website.  For more such interviews and interesting news check our app developers section. Also, special mention to Tamara Mrak from Rose Digital for arranging everything. 

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