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App Onboarding carousels without Code | Pointzi App | PR

San Francisco, 4 Jan 2018
App Onboarding carousels without Code

A user’s first few seconds in your App is critical to getting them engaged and retained. Now your Apps can change that messaging live without writing code or needing App Store releases.

Pointzi’s platform for onboarding walkthroughs, tooltips & popups has allowed App developers and Product Managers to design and deliver mobile onboarding. They’ve now added a beautiful swipe carousel to add to the tools.

“We delivered contextual tips, but customers also wanted flexibility and power to control the screens users see when they first open the App.” says Pointzi’s CEO David Jones.

“Having beautiful swipeable carousels is common with Apps and being able to change the content, images without submitting bothering programmers gives Apps great agility.”

The Pointzi carousels allow:

  • Beautiful swipe color transition between screens.
  • No particular limit on carousel screens. But 3 is a good number.
  • Buttons can be customized for each slide (see the bottom it changes from “Skip” to “Done”.
  • Full control over font type, color, background color, and images.
  • Use images from inside the App or hosted remotely.
  • Audience Targeting (different carousels at different users).
  • Have carousels in different parts of an App (not just the home screen).

These features add to the existing Pointzi capabilities for A/B testing of walkthroughs, contextual tooltips, inApp popups, and videos – a powerful toolkit to activate users and improve feature usage with dynamic user education.

About Pointzi:
Pointzi provides an intuitive cloud-based platform for allowing Mobile Apps to Design and deliver mobile onboarding, instantly. As the mobile onboarding sector’s leading solution Pointzi allows Product Managers, Marketers and Developers activate users and improve feature usage with dynamic user education.

Pointzi is part of StreetHawk Inc, who also delivers set and forget campaigns for push notifications, inApp content with personalized messages to build customer relationships, improves engagement and user retention.

Media Contact:
David Jones
CEO Pointzi & StreetHawk
Tel:  +1-415-802-2600 or +61-412-683-111

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