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App Promotion Summit Berlin 2017

App Promotion Summit Berlin 2017

After ten groundbreaking conferences, the leading app growth and marketing event is returning to Berlin. App Promotion Summit Berlin 2017 takes place on 30 November at Hotel Adlon in Mitte and will assemble over 300 app marketing professionals on one day in an unrivaled atmosphere.

The main conference and concurrent workshops will cover the full range of app promotion techniques including ASO, video ads, mobile growth hacking, App Store Search Ads, analytics, deep linking and user engagement & retention.

WHAT? : APS is the #1 destination for the leaders of the global app ecosystem to come together to learn, network and drive growth.

WHERE? : APS has been at the center of the app ecosystem from its very infancy in 2013 – we were the first, we set the bar and we keep on setting it. We’re proud of that.

WHY?: APS was created with one objective: to facilitate progress. History shows that we have achieved that – but we’re not resting on our laurels.

HOW?: This is conferencing, in its purest form. Attendees absolutely love it. We are going to keep pushing boundaries, keep enabling relationships and keep driving growth.

Our attendees, our customers, your peers:
— 100% rate the event as Excellent (31%), Very Good (53%) or Good (16%).
— 81% says the event is Much Better (22%) or Better (59%) than any other event they have attended.

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Information provided By Andre Mowbray | Coomunications Director | App Prmotion Summit 

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