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Battery Ventures announces $100 million Invision funding

Battery Ventures announces $100 million Invision funding

  • InVision announced $100 million funding last week, led by Battery Ventures.
  • Invision counts Twitter, Facebook, Uber, Linkedin, Salesforce among others as there client.
  • Invision is slated to launch its biggest ever offering in January, the Invision Creative Studio

Those who are in the digital product design industry swear by the power of Invision. Mobile app prototyping is a breeze with Invision.  This is what Jeremy Wells, a designer wrote in one of his post:-

” You know that feeling you get when you discover something new that makes your life so much easier? It could be anything; a new app, new way of thinking, new book, or a new pair of shoes.

When this rare event occurs, you think to yourself, “Wow, I wish I had known about this years ago!” Then you move on with your new-found knowledge (or a pair of shoes) and you feel like anything is possible.

That’s how I felt when I discovered InVision. “

It is indeed one of the lightest and the most powerful product prototyping tool out there. Putting it in the words of Invision CEO, Clark Valberg “Invision is the operating system for the product design.”

Invision is now in news for raising $100 million series E  funding round which was led by Battery Ventures. With this fresh infusion of cash and confidence, it is inevitable that their new product launch in January is going to scare some of the giants in this space (Read Adobe). Battery Ventures tweeted this about the funding:-

Invision funding will mean a lot to its competitors. It will be interesting to see how MarvelApp is going to take this up. Will Invision use this cash to buy out prototyping tools like Marvel and others? Well, it will be very interesting to watch.

Ah and don’t forget to check this promo video about Invision Creative Studio.

Image from Invision official site. | Invision Funding by Battery Ventures


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