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Best iMac for mobile app development

Development hardware for app development

Best iMac for mobile app development

There are obvious restrictions for developing iOS apps as far as the hardware is concerned. You need a Mac OS for developing iOS apps. Therefore we decided to find the Best iMac for mobile app development. We are assuming that you will do a bit of designing as well (well what fun it is to design on Mac 🙂 ). When you are developing for Mac OS the developer needs Xcode developer environment, web browser, SQL Database editor, perhaps a separate text editor, design tool and much more open at the same time.

Our consideration to decide a good mac machine for the mobile app development environment made us agree on following points:-

  • Good Memory Capacity
  • Decent Power (RAM)
  • Portability
  • Connection ( Printer, Bluetooth, external mouse and other accessories )
  • And of course the Price.

Keeping all these factors in mind ( and keeping the price on the top) we feel a Mac Mini makes absolute sense. Its easy on the pocket and have decent features. The interesting part is that you can attach any screen with it. We prefer Large Screen ( At least we don’t want to work on cramped machine 🙂 ) and have sometimes attached a 32″ TV also at times.

apple mac mini mobile app development

On the other note, we suggest that you see on a used device website if you can lay your hands on a slightly used machine. It will help you try your hands and the same time it will be easy in your pocket.


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