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Bitopia: Argentina Based App Design Agency

About Bitopia App Design Agency

Bitopia App Design Agency is an Argentina based design agency. The combination of competence in design, technologies and interface animation is a unique competitive advantage of our agency.

We always look beyond what our eyes tell us because the horizon is always moving, therefore never stop walking toward it. In Bitopía we pursue that quest: We never take refuge in the comfort zone, because we always go for more. Creativity and technology is our excellence, our originally is our message. We are a professional team working that believe in a multidisciplinary communication of your Brands. You should turn the combination of design, creativity, technology and interface animation of the brand for the best way to grow.

Bitopia’s Key Clients

  • Mi Parador Reel
  • Green Commuter
  • PingPro
  • Lyncros
  • Leo Burnett
  • Trilenium
Bitopia’s Bossman: Nicolas Ferreyra

nicolas bitopia app design agency argentina

Key Services

    • Full Design
    • Mobile Apps
    • Motion Graphics
    • Social Media
    • Web Design

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