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Why Content Marketing is a Crucial Part of Mobile App Marketing

Why Content Marketing is a Crucial Part of Mobile App Marketing

We’ve all heard the saying “content is king”. John Jantsch likes to say “content is air”, and I think he’s right.

Without content marketing, your mobile app will lack the sustenance it needs to not only stay alive but to thrive and grow. Along with social media, content is a critical ingredient in any successful SEO strategy today.

Last week I wrote about the importance of strategy before tactics with mobile app marketing. I’d highly recommend you check it out because this article will build upon that.

One of the things I spoke about in last week’s article was your “ideal user”. In order to create a strong content marketing strategy, you must know your ideal user first! Why?

Because that will determine what your content will be about and where you will promote it. The content you create will help educate your potential app users and build trust with your audience.

The other great thing about content is once you put it out to the online world it will keep giving back to your business month after month and year after year. It’s not like a paid ad that runs for a specific period of time, in general, most content you create will be evergreen.

Are you starting to see how content marketing might benefit your app?  Great!

Now I’m going to make it easy for you and outline the steps you can take to implement content marketing as part of your mobile app marketing strategy.

Step 1: Identify Your Ideal User(s)

If you don’t know who you are talking to, you end up speaking to no one. Knowing your ideal user(s) will help you target your content to the audience that will respond to it most.

Step 2: Identify the Places Your Ideal User Frequents Online

If your app is geared towards “mothers of multiples” you’d identify the forums, websites, and other online communities they frequent. These will be places you want to promote your content and generate awareness for your app.

Step 3: What Type of Information is Important to Your Ideal User?

Once you know where your ideal user(s) spend their time online you can start to investigate the questions they are asking and the types of content that are getting the most engagement.

You should be looking for potential topics that complement your app so you can educate and add value to your target market while showing them how your app can benefit them.

Tip: You can also check out tools like BuzzSumo that will analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor.

Step 5: Create a List of Topics for the Next 3 months

How often you plan to publish content will depend on your resources, but I would recommend at least a couple times a month. You’re better off creating less frequent but longer, better content compared to more frequent but shorter content.

Some people recommend you create a 6 month or 12-month content calendar, but I think most businesses change too frequently to reliably plan this long into the future. I’d recommend planning your content marketing 3 months at a time. You should know what you are going to write about, when it will be published, and what keywords you are going to optimize for.

Step 6: Create a checklist for how you will promote your content.

Creating your content is only half the battle. Once it’s published you need to promote it if you want to be successful. You should spend as much time or more time promoting your content as you do in creating it.

Having a checklist for your content promotion strategy will keep you organized and make the process easy to remember and follow.

Step 7: Create and promote your content.

Now the real work begins and all the planning you’ve done will come to life.

Step 8: Rinse and repeat every 3 months.

Every 3 months you’ll start the process over again…

Pro Tip: Always include a call to action in your content.

Without a call to action, you won’t be able to re-engage people. Offer a lead magnet that complements your content so you can gather an email address and continue to market to the potential user. In some cases, a direct link to your app store listing might be appropriate as well.

For some additional content marketing resources to help get you going check out Turbocharge Your Small Business’s Content Marketing Now and How to Promote Your Blog Posts for Absolutely Free.

I’m not going to lie to you, content marketing is a lot of work and it requires consistency to be successful. But, in my opinion, it is a required strategy to market your mobile app effectively. I hope you agree…

If you want me to assess your mobile app marketing plan then do reach out to me on my official website.

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