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How to Keep Your Mobile App Marketing Incredibly Organized

How to Keep Your Mobile App Marketing Incredibly Organized

Without marketing, your mobile app will likely struggle. Although many businesses rely on word of mouth and referral alone, this isn’t a great marketing plan and frankly, it’s a pretty precarious position to be in because all your business is coming from one channel.

Before jumping into the details of your mobile app marketing plan, it is important to consider strategy before tactics. Need a little help? This will give you a primer on marketing strategy.

Mobile app marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, but you must stay organized. Starting each week by deciding how you are going to market your app this week is no way to run a business and create consistent growth for your mobile app.

What is the solution? Create a marketing calendar.

A marketing calendar is a working document you can revise and update throughout the plan year to help you keep track of all your marketing activities, when they need to happen, and who is responsible for it.

Benefits of a Marketing Calendar

I’m not going to sugar coat it, creating a marketing calendar takes some work. But here are the benefits you’ll reap:

– You’ll save time.

– You’ll reduce stress.

– You’ll stay organized.

– Managing your marketing will be easier.

– It’s easier to spot gaps in your marketing plan.

What to Track on Your Marketing Calendar

There are a lot of moving parts on a marketing calendar. Some of the common items you will track on your calendar are:

– Online advertising

– Events: trade shows, conferences, etc.

– Marketing campaigns: offline advertising, PR, sponsorships, etc.

– Content marketing

– Email marketing

– Social media marketing

– Website updates & plans

– Any other marketing activities you need to keep track of

How to Create a Marketing Calendar

A marketing calendar can be as simple or as complex as you want. I’d recommend keeping it as simple as possible while still suiting all your needs.

I’m going to provide you with a few different resources to get your creative juices flowing so you can create a marketing calendar that works for you. We’re all different, so I’d recommend you review the resources and create something that is going to work for your needs.

Some people plan their marketing calendar out an entire year. I think business changes too quickly to plan anything out an entire year. I would recommend you create your marketing calendar out 3-6 months, but if the entire year works for you then go for it.

There is no need to create your marketing calendar from scratch. Below are some of the best resources I’d recommend finding a calendar you can use. If you don’t like any of these just do a search for “marketing calendar templates” and you’ll find a plethora of resources.

Here are some great marketing calendar resources to check out:

Smartsheet: 9 free marketing calendar templates for excel. I really like the “simple marketing calendar template”.

Search Engine Journal Marketing Calendar: This is a google sheet for the entire year. This one is really simple, but it’s very easy to read and look at what you have to do in the coming weeks.

SAY MORE! Services: This calendar is much more detailed. For those of you who like to get really detailed, this could be a good fit for you.

No matter what you choose to do with your marketing calendar, keep it simple like I said before. Don’t overcomplicate it. You can always make adjustments after you start using it. Nothing with your marketing calendar is set in stone and you will constantly make adjustments and additions throughout the year.

Additional Marketing Calendar Resources

If you’d like to dive a little deeper into this the following articles will provide you a ton of value.

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Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope you found it helpful and don’t hesitate to reach out if I can assist you in any way.

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