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Mobile App Landing Pages For Your Mobile App

Mobile App Landing Pages For Your Mobile app

App landing pages are normally a single page website which helps your prospective app users understand your app proposition. The main aim of the app landing page is to convince the user to download your mobile app. This is an important step in your mobile app marketing plan.  Apart from creating a landing page from scratch, you can also check out some third party landing page creators.

Some of the mobile app landing pages creators that we have tested and recommend are:-

1: Unbounce

2: AppLandr 

3: Strinkgly 

4: Lander App

5: App-site

The import aspects of App Landing Pages are:-

1: Features: Always keep the focus on the core features of the app. Don’t confuse the user by giving a complete lowdown on the app. Keep it a minimum of 5 and if possible embed the screenshot of that section of the mobile app. Will help users to relate to the feature that you’re explaining.

2: Problem: Always focus on the problem that your app is solving. Explaining the problem graphically and then proposing your app as a solution will help you get the message across to the users quickly.

3: Screenshots: Provide good quality screenshots of the app of the most important features of the app. If you can get your app screens animated just like the image on the left then it will work wonders and help you push the user to download the app. The screens should not be too heavy on the animation and must focus a particular feature. It should depict a solution to the user’s problem For example how to upload an image, or how to apply filters to an image or whatever your app is focusing on.

4: Explainer Video: If you have created an app explainer video then it is a fantastic idea to showcase that on the app landing pages. there are tons of resourced available on

5: Download: Spread the app download button judiciously at the important sections of the website.

Also, don’t forget to connect your website with all of your social media accounts so that it becomes easier for your visitors to spread the word.

Tip: Running discounts, coupons, gifts etc on your app landing pages can be a good idea. This attracts users and also helps in spreading the word quickly about your mobile app. 

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Update: We found this comprehensive guide to help you with app landing pages.

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