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Samsung created this scary thing yet it is useful

Smart tag on Narrow band technology

If you want to track anything that you think you can misplace (including your cat) then just tag it with Samsung Tag. You can then find out the exact location through the app. If you think you have heard this before then don’t be mistaken, we are not talking about iBeacons. This is Samsung Connect Tag which is based on Narrow Band Technology.

So now what is Narrow Band Technology ?

samsung tag narrowband IoT

image by MWRF

Narrowband RF mesh technology uses lower bandwidth radio frequencies which are less crowded and more reliable. Narrowband applications use considerably less power and are less spectrum intensive than those using higher frequencies. So Narrowband networks offer more capacity for connected devices.

So what is Samsung doing about it?

The Samsung Connect Tag will work with GPS, Wi-Fi-based positioning (WPS) and Cell ID, so it can receive accurate location information both indoors and outdoors for effortless location tracking. It can be attached to a young child’s backpack so his or her whereabouts can be tracked, clipped to a dog’s collar so it won’t go missing, and secured the keys so they are never lost. These tracking and notification abilities will minimize anxiety about the user’s favorite items or loved ones, offering an exciting way to use technology for increased family security and an enhanced lifestyle.

What is the tech spec then? (Sourced from Samsung Official Announcement )

Dimension/Weight 42.1 x 42.1 x 11.9 mm / 25g
Cellular IoT NB-IoT, Cat.M1
GPS GPS, Glonass
Sensor Accelerometer
Connectivity BLE, Wi-Fi (WPS & FOTA), mUSB 2.0
Battery 300mAh
LED 3 colors status LED
Water/Dust Resistance IP68
OS Tizen IoT
Security TrustZone
OS Support Android M and above, iOS 10 and above (end of 2017)
Controller App Samsung Connect

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