SketchApp Features that will help you design awesome apps

Sketchapp is a powerful design tool for Mac users


Sketch boasts a wide variety of features and tools to help in every stage of the design process, from creating wireframes to exporting artwork to be used in production. Here is just a handful of Sketch’s most popular, and best-loved features. To see them all, please refer to our documentation.

  • Tools

    Sketch contains everything a designer would need in their toolkit. From tools to inserting objects into the Canvas, transforming, combining, and organizing layers – we’ve got it.

  • Editability

    Designs created in Sketch are made up of vector shapes, meaning everything can be easily edited. Creating, and combining shapes are done in a way that is non-destructive so they can be adjusted at any time.

  • Symbols

    In every web and application design, there are repeating elements such as buttons, headers, and cells. Symbols is a powerful feature that allows you to re-use created elements throughout the document. Make changes to the Symbol master, and see those changes update instances in the design.

  • Shared Styles

    Much like with Symbols, different layers may share common styles, such as the same fill and border colors. Designers can create libraries of styles used by shape and text layers, to quickly apply and update to different layers throughout their document.

  • Resizable Elements

    Designers need to account and design for different screen sizes, and in Sketch, it’s a cinch. Simple resizing rules applied to layers dictate how they should behave when a group layer or Symbol is resized. No need to define individual assets for every device size.

  • Measuring

    Smart Guides is one of the most crucial features in Sketch, allowing designers to correctly align and place objects on the Canvas. The feature is also much-loved by developers who need exact pixel measurements for implementation.

  • Precision

    Designers thrive on pixel precision, and we know it. Ensuring layers and vector points sit on whole pixels is easy, with size and position values clearly outlined in the Inspector, along with pixel-fitting preferences and pixel rounding tools.

  • Plugins

    Plugins are an important part of Sketch’s ecosystem and they can be installed to extend its functionality. Almost all plugins have been created by third-party developers and can be downloaded for free, or purchased from the developer.

  • Vector Editing

    All of the standard shapes in Sketch can be edited in our vector editor, but it is here that new shapes can be created with the Vector Tool. Perfect for creating icons and abstract shapes.

  • Bitmap Editing

    Although Sketch is very much a vector-based application, images and photographs are common features of mockups. Sketch contains bitmap tools that help reduce the time spent switching between applications.

  • Exporting

    When a design has been mocked up and ready to implement, assets drawn in Sketch such as icons and custom elements can be exported in a variety of ways. Export to multiple scales for different screen resolutions in bitmap and vector filetypes from just one layer.

  • Mirror

    Preview designs on the device the design is intended for with Sketch Mirror. Sketch will generate a sharable link that can be viewed in the browser on a local network. Sketch Mirror is also available as a native counterpart iOS app available on the App Store.

  • Code Export

    Alongside the ability to export to bitmap and vector files, it’s possible to export parts of a design as code. Copy a layer’s style as CSS attributes, and SVG code for vector shapes. Ideal for web designers.

  • Sketch Cloud

    Sketch Cloud is a free service (currently in beta) that allows designers to upload their documents and share them with the world. Documents can be uploaded publicly and privately with password protection.

  • Infinite Canvas

    Sketch’s Canvas is inifinte in size, meaning designers aren’t just limited to a single fixed frame. This allows them complete freedom to design without having to worry about running out of room.

  • Artboards

    Artboards are fixed frames that sit on Sketch’s inifinte Canvas. When creating a responsive web design, Artboards can be used as a handy way to represent different screen sizes, or perhaps even multiple views of a mobile app.

  • Grids

    Grids in design have long been the keys to consistency, and it’s no different in Sketch. Square and Layout grids can help ensure designs maintain rhythm, no matter if they’re icons, websites, or UI.

  • Templates

    Templates open as new Sketch documents, pre-populated with layers so a designer can begin working right away. Sketch contains many, including an iOS UI Design template, as well as one for Android’s Material Design.

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