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Zomato Gold is selling you gold at dirt cheap prices

Zomato is selling you gold at dirt cheap prices.

Well, they are no jewelers and this is not about real gold. So keep that money back in your wallet and pull out your phone. Zomato Gold is a paid subscription service which gives you access to over 1200+ merchant outlets.Before launching in India Zomato Gold was already operational in UAE and Portugal.

Zomato Gold subscribers will get access to complimentary food and drinks at over 1,200  restaurants. The price points are  Rs299 (3 months) and Rs999 (12 months).  This is what the founder of Zomato Deepinder Goyal Tweeted


It will be interesting to note that Zomato is already running a “similar” subscription service named Zomato Treats. Which they claim have already crossed 60K subscriber mark. Zomato Gold is currently available only in Bangalore, Delhi & Mumbai and they have plans to expand into other cities soon.

Zomato’s competitor in India, Swiggy also launched a similar service named Acess on there app the same day which more or less is on the same lines.

However, we must congratulate the marketing team at Zomato for there branding/naming strategy. Though what essentially you are getting in Zomato Gold is discounts and offers wrapped in a “Gold Foil”. More than helping the customers we see that it will help drive traffic to merchants which are essentially at the core of Zomato’s business.

All in all, nobody will mind a complimentary dessert with there meal. So, pick up your “spoon” and scoop it up. 🙂


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