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Actions app lets you organize your tasks and works into digital cards and makes you more productive.

What is Actions App? 

There are many times when at the start of the day, we take the pledge to do something. But as the day continues and night approaches, we find that we did everything except the thing that we wanted to. The human mind forgets things that it does not consider as important.

That’s why on a busy day, you get up early without any alarm, and on the other hand on a free day don’t wake up even with dozens of alarms.

Action app utilizes this very phenomenon of the human mind and so it lets you make digital cards of the things or tasks that are pending or which you want to do so that you do not forget about anything.

Whether it is watching a movie, watering the plants, or an important business deal; you can make cards and lists of those items to never forget about them and feel the embarrassment of being late. With the Action app, you forget nothing and are always on time.

Actions work fluently in the human tongue and thus it can automate things without you having to manually go through any complications. For example, suppose you want to throw your trash out every Saturday. Now, without having the hassle to manually add notes and then set it to recurring the alarm or reminder every Saturday.

You can just type in “Throw trash every Saturday” and the Actions app will take care of everything automatically. All you need to do is to sit back and be more productive.

Main Highlights

Features of Actions App

+ Action cards are the best way to creatively remember the things that are important to you.

+ Type in a natural way and let Actions automatically do the scheduling for you.

+ Its interface is very engaging and effective.

+ Organize and complete tasks as per your routine.

+ Mark completed tasks, or delete them to declutter your list.

+ Add reminders to different tasks to get notifications reminding you about those tasks.

+ Different color codes for different tasks or groups of tasks to easily distinguish between them.

+ Add extra notes onto a task to attach additional instructions, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

+ Get push notifications in Mornings, Evenings, Night, or any other time that you prefer.

+ Create recurring actions for the activities that happen more than once.

+ Your data is securely synched in the clouds so that you do not miss progress or development.

+ Already using other apps to create lists? Import them easily into Actions using the iOS Share Extension.

+ Command Siri to set up cards for you automatically.

Why Actions App? 

The Actions app is the modern version of a to-do list, but with more extra sophisticated and awesome features. It provides you with a clean and engaging interface that is fully customizable so that you can see which way you are the most productive.

Not only for official and important things, but you can add miscellaneous tasks to also not forget about them. They may be miscellaneous, but hey, a task is a task, and it is ought to be completed.

Actions app is the best way to achieve more productivity by managing your tasks and then completing them on time. Personal satisfaction after completing a task, as well as the professional benefits attached to them; with Actions, you can well organize and take benefit of them.

Actions App Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

Action cards are small, editable bits of information that contain things like titles, due dates, and reminders. These Cards can be utilized across Logbook, Schedule, and Lists, each with its own unique but compatible and useful piece of Action.

The following are some of the natural phrases that can be used to set up Action cards:

  1. Call Mom every Friday
  2. Check the mail on March 1
  3. Go to the bank next Thursday
  4. Review money spent every two weeks
  5. Coffee Sundays at 4 pm
  6. Pay rent on the 1st of every month
  7. Coffee every other Sunday at 4 pm starting June 4th until October 4th
  8. Meeting every other day at 9 am

Action Cards created through Siri act as normal Action Cards, appearing under a defined List given by you as you instruct Siri.

One thing to remember when adding a task: you’ll always want to either add the phrase “in Actions” at the beginning or end of your command to Siri. Without this identifier, Siri won’t know what to do with your task – or it’ll add it to the default Reminders app.

Tasks added to Actions through Siri also must have an assigned List mentioned in the phrase. This should be a list you’ve already created before talking to Siri.

To add a task, include these three parts in your Siri voice command

  1. “In Actions”
  2. “Add (your task)”
  3. To my (your List) List

In some instances, Siri may ask for confirmation, which can come in the form of tapping on the screen or responding to a query. Siri will then confirm with you that it’s added the task.

Both Android and iOS platforms are supported.

No, the Actions app is a membership service with a free trial. You can first experience its free trial without any limitation then you can purchase its membership after the trial period ends.  Its subscriptions are based on monthly or annual billing cycles.

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