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Best for those users who have concerns about their smartphone privacy

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What is Bouncer App?

This Bouncer app review was long overdue, as we really loved using this app.  Bouncer Android app is an effective solution to control permissions that are requested by several mobile apps. It provides the ability to allow permissions on a temporary basis. You can now approve permission for a short time, and after that, Bouncer will automatically resist those permissions later. Anyone can easily download Bouncer from Play Store, and it is compatible with all Android devices.

Bouncer app is created by Sam Ruston, an expert play store developer who has earlier created many popular apps. Bouncer app helps to allow permission one time only and removes the permission after exiting from that app. Isn’t it neat?

It is best for those users who have concerns about their smartphone privacy and poor battery life. Bouncer controls the power-hungry apps which consume power by misusing the permission facility. These power-consuming apps run processor-heavy tasks in the device background. The app also allows to schedule permission for a particular amount of time, and after completion of the time, it automatically removes it.

Main Highlights

Bouncer App Permission Process
Bouncer App Permission Process | Source: Google Play Store

Features of the Bouncer App

Why Bouncer App?

The Bouncer is a Mobile Permission app that allows users to grant permission to various apps for a short period. Using this, one can control the permissions to either keep it permanently or for some time. It provides security to the device and removes permission automatically as soon as you click the home button or exit the app.

It saves your device battery life from the power consuming apps that run in the background.The Bouncer is a trustworthy mobile permission app and does not access any of your private information. As lots of apps try snooping on you, this can be a good way to control it. We have covered most of the major features in this Bouncer app review, we would highly recommend you to try your hands few times to really see the power of this app.

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If you have not downloaded the Bouncer Android app yet, then you are missing out on some great features on your Smart device!

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