Bunch App Review: An awesome social media app

Bunch app lets you play multiplayer games whilst video chatting with your friends.


Bunch app is a social networking app where you can have fun with your friends by playing multiplayer games with them whilst video chatting. It just feels like you are sitting with your friends and playing games together. It comes with various integrated and many inbuilt games that are only available on it. You can enjoy all the inbuilt games, such as Draw Party, Mars Dash, Flappy Lives, Bunch Pool, and many others with your friends.

With Bunch, you can even play with your friends the multiplayer games that you want without having to download any third-party clients. The video chatting experience on the app is really good as compared to other competitors, and overlaying video chatting features while playing games is not to be found anywhere else.

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What is the Bunch app? 

Bunch is a social networking app where you can video chat with your friends and invite them to play games with you. It supports dozens of videos games like Call of Duty Mobile, Golf Battle, Brawl Stars, Roblox, Uno, Scrabble Go, Agar.io, Fun Run Arena 3, PUBG, Clash Royale, Arma Jet, Go Battle, Guns of Boom, Badland Brawl, Clash of Clans and much more. 

You can also see what your friends are playing and join them to play together. There are some inbuilt games that are exclusive, you can play them too even without downloading. Overall, it is just a social media app that anyone would want to have fun with their friends.

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Features of the app: 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Both iOS and Android platforms are compatible.

Yes, the app is free to use.

There are no in-app purchases.

The app requires permission to access media files, Wi-Fi connection, camera, microphone, location, and storage on your device.

Playing games while sitting together is one of the best feelings in the world. But when there are consequences when it’s just not possible, it provides that exact feeling by its video chatting feature that mimics it so properly that you start to feel like you and your friends are sitting and playing together. Its features and support give Bunch a unique identity among other apps.

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