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With a single click, you can unlock any car nearby, drive it, and drop it off at another place on the CityBee app.

CityBee App Review

What is CityBee App?

Why go the additional mile to look for a cab? when you already have CityBee. It is an addition to the shared mobility marketplace for the people of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

With one click on the app, you can unlock any CityBee automobile near you, drive it, and drop it off at another place.CityBee’s fleet is full of brand new vehicles, with something for everyone: a tiny Toyota Yaris, a practical VW Golf, a fashionable Mini Cooper, a comfy Nissan Qashqai, a Peugeot 3008, a VW T-Roc, a VW Passat, and an electric VW Crafter to help you get around.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration with CityBee is completely free. There are also no membership costs. You simply pay for the amount of time you use the car and the distance you go. When you register, 1 EUR is saved for you and must be returned to your bank as soon as possible.

CityBee registration is incredibly simple and quick. You don’t need to go anywhere; simply download the mobile app and begin using it! It will only take you a few minutes to register.

Parking spots highlighted in orange on the CityBee app map are where vehicles can be picked up and must be returned at the conclusion of the journey. 

It is possible to travel between cities using CityBee automobiles, for example, to pick up a car in Vilnius and drop it off at any CityBee area in Kaunas. It is also feasible to travel to Riga or Tallinn, however, if you leave your car in another nation, you will be charged an extra 59 EUR. fee.

Parking in city parking lots is free in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipeda. Parking is exclusively free in CityBee zones in Palanga (specified in the mobile app). A car reservation fee of 1 EUR maybe is deposited at the Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga airports at the CityBee parking spaces specified in the smartphone app. If the vehicle is parked in a privately taxed parking lot (with the exclusions stated above), the driver is responsible for paying the parking charge.

When hiring a car, you have two options:

Free 15-minute reservation – choose the car, then click “Reserve,” and you’ll be given a free 15-minute reservation to access and unlock the vehicle. Your reservation will be canceled if you do not unlock the car within 15 minutes.

You can book a car for more than 15 minutes if you make an extended reservation. In this instance, you will begin calculating the paid reservation time after the free 15-minute period. One minute of paid reservation equals one minute of car use. This booking is only valid for 2 hours. If you do not unlock the car inside this time frame by selecting “Unlock” from the mobile app, the reservation will be canceled, but you will be compensated. You may cancel a paid reservation; in this instance, you will be charged solely for the time spent on the paid reservation.

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