Dive App Review

What is Dive App?

Dive app lets you keep logs of your diving activities. The app lets you take underwater pictures without any hassle. Also, the app makes your photos look more vibrant using the app’s color restoration feature. Dive+ app lets you even share your pictures in real-time. The app also comes with an assistive dive computer that monitors your activities closely.

Dive+  was developed and managed by a very talented team of Life Plus Tech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. The app is updated often for its users. This app is breaking records with millions of downloads by the users. With minimum permissions required, and being really secured and protected, this application is a great catch for the users.

This app is known for its lightweight. The app does not hinder any other applications running on your phone. The uses a secure, enterprise-grade environment. It ensures that your data is safe and nothing is shared with any other application.

Main Highlights

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Features of the Dive App 

The app shows your real-time depth, time, and ascent speed. You don’t need to be hurry-scurry to switch between them anymore. A different clean dive computer interface is provided when you are not taking photos.

In one touch, you can restore the original colors of your underwater photos. In a few seconds, the vibrant pictures are ready for you to share. A rich and detailed interface is designed for better sharing with your social networks.

The app provides elaborated dive records, everything on a single screen, which makes it easier for you to access them. The dive records are generated automatically providing a hassle-free experience of logging.

Why Dive+  App?

The dive+ app not only provides you with an option to create amazing pictures but also helps you log your driving records. The app is easy to use and lets you connect with a large number of individuals sharing the same interest. It provides a simple clean interface and visuals and makes it easier for the users to work with. It is secured and safe for everyone to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dive+  App

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