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What is the FamilyWize App?

FamilyWize is a free discount app that finds out the best price for every drug. You can use the app to compare the drug cost at every pharmacy store. The app has a quick price view feature that enables you the most suitable price for the entire drug.

The app helps you save around 45% of the prescriptions. You can also use this app to update the dosage edit medication information and many more. The app also notifies the user if there is any better price available for the prescription. You can add your prescription to the medicine cabinet, and the app will automatically show you all the bookmark pharmacies.

Highlights of the FamilyWize App

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FamilyWize Key features

The FamilyWize app is the most useful app for all citizens. It helps you to find out the best deal for any prescription. As a user, you need to add your prescription to the medicine cabinet. The app will then automatically show you a list of pharmacies with price ranges to compare. FamilyWize helps you save around 45% on every prescription. You can also edit the medication information on the prescription. The mobile app allows you to edit the dosage and the pharmacy location.

The app has a unique feature that helps a user to recall the previous prescription. You can save your prescriptions to access it in the future. The app analyses your prescription and instantly shows you the medicine price on the app; you can avail of all the medicines at the lowest prices in the pharmacies. FamilyWize offers you the medication history feature. It helps you to share your previous prescriptions with your family and doctor. The app also shows you all the nearby pharmacies. You can choose the nearest location to pick your medicines. The app is accessible in all the big pharmacies like Kmart, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS pharmacy. The app also offers you instantly if your prescription is available at a better deal.

FamilyWize App Reviews

Why should you install FamilyWize?

FamilyWize is a handy app for everyone. It helps you to find the best deal on every prescription. You can save up to 45% on every prescription. The app has a unique feature that shows you the best, instantly. FamilyWize lets you edit essential data like medication information dosage and pharmacy location.

You can add your prescription to the medicine cabinet. The app then automatically catalogs all the bookmarked pharmacies in a list. The app also has a medication history feature that helps you record your medication. You can share this information with your doctor and family as well. Moreover, it is one of the best apps to avail discounts on drugs.

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