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Galarm app is a social alarm and reminders tool that enables you and your friends and family to maintain an ordered and productive lifestyle.

Galarm App Review

What is Galarm App?

Galarm app is a FREE social alarm clock application that includes revolutionary features that will assist you in staying on top of your tasks and to-do list. Galarm has a robust collection of repeats, a diverse selection of ringtones, and the option to create alerts and reminders for your friends and family, among other features.

Main Highlights:

Features of Galarm App:

Galarm App Review

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Galarm generally sets alarms based on the alarm creator’s current timezone. The alert type (personal, group, or buddy) does provide certain unique situations that Galarm handles with common sense. However, please contact us at if you have any questions.

Before delving into the technicalities, the following summarises how Galarm handles time zones:

For Alarm Creators: The alarm will sound depending on the creator’s current timezone, even if the author changes time zones from when the alarm was established.

Alarm Participants: The participant alarms are modified to ring according to the creator’s current timezone.

Consider the following personal alarm example: if you set the alarm for 11 AM while in US Eastern Time (EST), the alarm will ring at 11 AM EST for you. If you now switch to Central Standard Time (CST) in the United States, the alarm will sound at 11 a.m. CST (i.e., Galarm follows you). 

Buddy alarm: The creator set the alarm to sound for another person to sound at 11 a.m. EST. After 15 minutes, the creator is to be reminded.


Please ensure that Galarm’s alerts are enabled.

If the “Enhanced Notifications” feature is off, alarms will not sound when the phone is in quiet mode.

If “Enhanced Notifications” is enabled, the alarm will sound even while the phone is in silent mode. If, on the other hand, if you are on a phone call when the alarm is due to sound, the alert is sounded via a basic notice.


Certain Android phones feature options that prevent applications from starting immediately when the device restarts and prevent them from running in the background. According to our research, the following settings on certain phones need to be updated to resolve the issue.

The majority of Galarm’s capabilities operate even when you are not connected to the Internet. If you have not registered with your phone number, you will have access to all Galarm features whether you are online or offline. As is self-evident, you must be online in order to register using your phone number.

If you registered using your phone number, the following behavior will occur when you are offline:

The personal, group or buddy alarms that were previously scheduled while you were online will continue to ring normally. You may design personal alerts, which will sound appropriate. Please keep in mind that if you add backups to your personal alarms, they will receive notification of the alert only while you are connected to the Internet.

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