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iExit helps you find the nearest local services and utilities while you are interstate traveling.

iExit App Review

What is iExit App?

iExit is a travel utility app that helps you find other local services like gas stations, public toilets, restaurants, restrooms, etc. while you are traveling on interstate highways. It tells you what things and services are coming on the next and subsequent highway exits.

It locates your current location on the interstate and lets you find whatever service you want. Its newest updates let you find gas stations that are cheaper than others so that you can drive to that outlet and it at a more convenient price.

iExit is best for people who constantly travel between states or even for those who are planning to take their next trip and do not want to stumble for any inconvenience along the route.

Main Highlights:

Features of iExit app? 

+ It has a very decent and straightforward interface, so you do not need to hassle between complicated searches and tabs.

+  It tracks your current location and gives you a list of all the services that are within the next 100 interstate exits.

+ You can search through hundreds of services as you require.

+ It can find the nearest businesses like Starbucks, KOA Campgrounds, and many more.

+ If you want a hotel, it can find you the nearest hotel. But if you want a deal, it can also find the nearest hotels and inns which are providing offers and discount rates.

+ Search for food, and you have a list of all the available services whether you want to rush and take away, or settle and dine in.

+ If you want to find amenities, like WiFi or a rest area or a car parking, you just need to search you you have what you want.

+ You found the service that you want, for example, a bathroom, but how do you get there? Just select the amenity and let iExit navigate you there by your GPS in no time.

+ iExit tells you exactly what lies ahead so you have a clear idea of where to find what.

+ It knows all the gas prices across different gas stations, so you can find gas at the cheapest available option.

+ Its GPS tracker also helps you navigate through the interstate, so you do not stumble upon unknown and dangerous routes.

+ New services and utilities are constantly updated and the gas and diesel prices are regularly checked to avoid any misinformation.

+ It works on poor network connections so that you can find what you want even when you are traveling through areas with unstable coverage.

+ The app is lightweight and does not require any pointless logins and registrations.

+ Save your time with iExit. It is like a hotel finder, gas station finder, local utilities, and a navigation app, all combined into one.

Why iExit app?

iExit app is great not only because it provides users with all the information of the nearest businesses and services, but also because it saves your time, and you do not need to travel through unknown roads and possibly dangerous paths. It finds you all that you require at one place and guides you to it. Whatever it is that you require, iExit has everything and it is constantly adding other requirements.

iExit App Review: 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Not only services, but you can find hundreds of businesses both that are available elsewhere or that which can only be found at that specific place. Apart from services and businesses, you can also find requirements such as a public washroom or amenities like WiFi and other stuff.

If you find the particular service that you require, you do not actually need to drive to the place and get angry if that service is unavailable, you can contact the respective services’ number and enquire if what you need is available and only visit there if you are satisfied with the given details.

No matter if you do not have a stable connection. iExit also works on low-coverage areas to give its users full benefits no matter wherever they are.

iExit App is absolutely free to use. However, if you want to try its premium features, you can also buy a premium subscription.


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