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Kanopy app is a video streaming platform that provides high-quality, thought-provoking entertainment.

Kanopy App Review

What is Kanopy app?

Kanopy is a video streaming service for high-quality, thoughtful entertainment. Films, documentaries, foreign films, classic cinema, indie films, and educational videos to inspire, enrich, and entertain you. We work with public libraries and universities to bring you an ad-free experience on TV, mobile phone, tablet, and online. 

Kanopy collaborates with public libraries and universities to bring you ad-free movies, and TV shows that you can watch on your TV, mobile phone, tablet, or online. Enjoy critically acclaimed films, moving documentaries, and award-winning foreign films, among other things.

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Features of Kanopy App

Why choose the Kanopy app?

Kanopy is the best video streaming service for thoughtful, high-quality entertainment. Documentaries, foreign films, classic cinema, independent films, and educational videos can all inspire, enrich, and entertain you. Thousands of movies from your library are available for free, ad-free streaming. Sign up with your library card and begin watching award-winning films, thought-provoking documentaries, The Criterion Collection, and other titles, with new titles, added every week. Kanopy Kids has an infinite number of age-appropriate shows and movies that can be watched with parental controls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kanopy is only available through libraries, so you must be a member of one to begin watching Kanopy. You can begin watching if you are a member of a participating public library by signing up with a valid public library card number and PIN/password.

If you are currently enrolled as a student or faculty member at a participating college university, you can begin watching by registering with a valid university login.

Check here to see if your public library has made Kanopy available. Enter the name of your library or your zip code to see a list of nearby libraries that have made Kanopy available. Check to see if your university’s library has made Kanopy available here. Enter the name of your university to see if Kanopy is available.

Kanopy Kids is our collection of children’s movies and television shows only available in public libraries. In Kanopy Kids, your public library provides unlimited plays, allowing your children to explore enriching, educational, and entertaining films and TV shows. Kanopy Kids can be found by clicking here.

Just as your library buys books to add to their collection for you to borrow, they also offer various digital resources, with Kanopy being one of their most popular. Kanopy does not charge you because all associated costs are covered by the public library or university, allowing you to watch free with no ads.

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