LineX Icon Pack App Review

What is the LineX Icon Pack App?

LineX Icon Pack App adds spice to your phone. This app comes with 5000+ icons, multiple choices per icon. This app makes your phone look colourful, and gives an edgy look to it. The app is lightweight and does not use much battery. Additionally, the app is secure and barely needs permissions or an internet connection.

LineX Icon Pack App is developed by JustNewDesigns, and the latest update of the app was done in August 2020. This app is breaking records with millions of downloads by the users. This application is a great catch for the users who prefer to have very few apps on their phones.

LineX app is known for its visual enhancements and it gives the best experience to the mobile environment. The colour adds to the app’s edge.

Main Highlights

LineX Icon Pack

Features of the LineX App

An average user checks their device more than 50 times in a day. This app makes each time a real pleasure with this Icon pack. The frequent updates in the app make it desirable for users to use it. 

Easy to download and use. Set it once and keep changing it again and again. Once you start using it, you get addicted to it like nothing else, you will get bored of the usual theme in your phone.

Why the LineX App?

LineX app is a very user-friendly and widely used application for having an amazing gaming experience. Due to the same, it has been a very popular app amongst the users. It is secured and safe for everyone to use. It is a trustworthy application and a must-have on your phone.

LineX Icon Pack App Reviews

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