Lobby App Review 2021 | An amazing app to hang out with friends

Lobby is a social app where you can invite your friends and watch videos, listen to songs, and screen share whilst voice calling.

Lobby App Review

What is Lobby App? 

Lobby is a social networking app that is designed to help users connect with their friends or families to play third-party games, watch YouTube videos, or hang out via real-time voice chats. Lobby makes conversation and banter easy by connecting people with real-time voice chats. You can use it to virtually meet and hang out with your friends or any other person. Real-time videos make it easy to watch with others even though you or they are far from each other. Similarly, you can also listen to music with them at the same time and with the same synchronization. 

All these features like synchronized videos and songs are used along with voice chats so that you can directly comment, explain or talk to them. Not only does it have the feature to watch videos and listen to songs, but you can also share your screen with other people so they can see your phone in real-time with voice chat connected.

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Cons of Lobby App: 

Overview of Lobby App: 

Lobby is a social media app where people can find public lobbies or create a private one for their friends to hang out and chill with. In a lobby, users can watch synchronized videos, listen to music, or share their screens to take part in different fun activities. It is an app for social communication where people can chat via voice calls and make new friends or just have fun. It is a fun platform for teens to connect and play games, watch videos, or listen to music together whilst voice calling in real-time. 

Lobby is an amazing app that can be used to virtually hang out with your friends, loved ones, or even with strangers. You can join public lobbies and see what video they are watching and listen to songs that they are listening to. It is the best place to cure your boredom and experience something different; a virtual meet and greet.

Features of the app: 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Both Android and iOS platforms are supported.

Yes, the app is free to use.

There are no in-app purchases.

Which permissions are required to use the app? 

This app has access to:

Why should you use the app? 

With Lobby you digitally hang out and interact with your friends no matter how far you are. You can meet with anyone from all over the world and interact with them and engage in different activities. Lobby is the best hang out app that features all the stuff like live synchronized YouTube videos, songs, and other stuff to keep you going without any problems.

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