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ND-Filter Expert allows you to save your computed exposure periods as a favorite.

What is ND Filter Expert App?

If you use ND filters on your SLR camera or want to know the ND filter to use for your photo, you may quickly and easily calculate the exposure time using ND Filter Expert.

ND Filter Expert will assist you in getting started with exposure filters. The program explains in detail what a neutral density filter is and how to use it with your camera, with straightforward step-by-step instructions. In addition to the detailed tutorial, we provide extra information and make recommendations for appropriate equipment. As a result, ND Expert provides you with a complete package for using ND filters from start to finish.

Before applying the filter, specify the exposure period recommended by your camera for your chosen topic. Then select the ND-Filter that you want to utilize. And there you have it: you’ve already computed your new exposure time. Isn’t that wonderful?

Furthermore, Find your often-used values without having to re-enter them and use them right away for the timer. Other options to organize favorites are also available in the Pro edition. Configure the program so that it works best for you.

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Features of ND Filter Expert App

Why choose ND Filter Expert App?

With ND Filter Expert, you may enter into the app the exposure duration indicated by the camera for your preferred subject and the value of the ND-Filter you want to use. ND-Filter Expert immediately proposes the appropriate exposure time to capture the most excellent image of the topic you wish to photograph using ND-Filter.

You can expose for more than 30 seconds in your camera’s Bulb mode. But how do you know exactly how long 2 minutes and 34 seconds are? That’s why there’s an outstanding timer function. When you release the camera, start the timer, and you’ll know exactly when your image is exposed correctly.

ND Filter Expert App Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because ND Filter Expert allows you to compute the exposure period of up to five combined filters. You can select and mix filters from the number of available filters (ND1 ND19) for each filter.

ND Filter Expert is a modest two-person company that creates software solely in our own time. As a result, they deploy discrete advertising banners outside of the primary operation to reward the labor on the apps in a bit of way.

ND Filter Expert invested a significant amount of time, energy, and love on these small assistants to provide you with the most satisfactory possible result. If you wish to help us, please click on the small advertising banner from time to time or select our premium edition.

The built-in timer tool in ND Filter Expert allows you to measure times over three seconds correctly. When the timer expires, the app notifies you with an alarm and a vibration. Tones and vibration schemes of many varieties are available in the settings.

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